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Each life insurance company assesses a person’s insurance application based on various factors, include the severity or frequency of certain medical conditions, as well as age, BMI and family history. The most practical way to know which trauma cover meets your requirements is to complete a trauma quote request and one of our consultants will send you a comparison report; comparing the premiums and features of the different critical illness policies available.

Published February 16, 2017

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Key questions to consider when comparing quotes from different providers

Question 1

Is the policy a standard (only covers major trauma conditions) or a plus policy which generally includes the standard conditions as well as 10 – 15 additional conditions, making it more comprehensive?

Question 2

How many conditions am I covered for?

Question 3

For the most common conditions, based on your gender, how appropriate are the definitions? You’ll want the easiest definition to meet.

Prostate CancerBreast Cancer
Heart AttackHeart Attack
General CancerGeneral Cancer

Question 4

Is the premium stepped or level: Stepped premium policies can get very expensive in your 50 – 60’s (when you are most likely to claim on the policy)? Level premiums are more affordable in the long run.

Question 5

Does the policy provide built-in benefits (e.g. Free Life Cover buy Back, or Trauma Reinstatement, Free child cover…)?

We make it easy for you to compare policies online with our powerful comparison engine.

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How to compare trauma insurance quotes

Before you invest in a critical illness policy, you need to compare features and premiums side by side with the help of a specialist. Below are some tips to get you started:

Trauma Insurance FAQs

  • How much trauma insurance do I need?

    When choosing the amount of cover you need, you must carefully assess how much risk you and your family are willing to bear and how much cover you can reasonably afford. Our trauma insurance calculator will help you determine the amount of cover you need at each stage of your life.
  • Best Trauma Insurance

    When searching for the best trauma insurance policy, you need to take your choice of trauma (plus or std) policy type into consideration, as well as the premium style. Combined policies cover both life and trauma insurance and can be a lot more affordable than stand-alone policies; level premiums are also more affordable over the long run.
  • How much does trauma insurance cost?

    The cost of trauma insurance is determined by a number of factors. Cost variables specific to trauma cover includes the type of policy you’ve chosen (Standard or Plus), whether you went with a combined vs. stand-alone trauma policy and if you added any additional trauma policy options, such as trauma reinstatement or double trauma.

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