Modified TPD

Modified TPD Insurance pays out a lump sum benefit in the event that through accident or sickness you are constantly and permanently unable to perform at least two of the activities of daily living without assistance.

Published March 30, 2015

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What are the Activities of Daily Living?

The Activities of Daily Living are generally defined as:

General Modified TPD Details

Minimum Entry Ages:16-64
Policy Expiry Age:65-100 (Depending on your insurer)
Max Sum Insured:$5,000,000

What can the benefit be used for?

Your lump sum benefit can be used to assist you and your family in a number of ways, including:

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In general, the majority of TPD Insurance companies refer to Modified Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance; however, it may also be referred to as ‘Activities of Daily Living’ or Non-Working TPD.

Claiming the full benefit

Claiming the partial repayment benefit

Select TPD policies will generally pay out a partial benefit of up to 25% of the total benefit amount if you meet the policy definition of Partial Disablement.

Case Study:

Peter is an engineer who had previously taken out TPD cover to make sure his Own Occupation was covered as defined in the PDS, his policy converted to Modified TPD. At age 70, Peter is diagnosed with the serious illness Alzheimer’s disease) and requires care and assistance to help him get dressed and go to the bathroom allowing him to receive a lump sum payment under the terms of his policy.

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