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Like you many Australians are unaware that most of their financial service products actually pay an ongoing trail commission each year to your broker, financial adviser or intermediary that set up your policy. This is actually a very good thing if you are using their services and assistance regularly. This ongoing trail commission allows them to cover the cost of providing an ongoing service to you. However the fact is many Australian are not getting that ongoing service or do not engage with their broker, adviser or intermediary.

In this case our Commission Refund service may be for you as we are able to assist redirect eligible ongoing trail commission back to you, the client. The service we provide for you on a yearly ongoing basis is firstly to determine if your life insurance product does in fact have trailing commissions. If it does then we are able to become the nominated intermediary, replacing your old broker or adviser, which then allows us to collect the trail commission on your behalf and then pay you eligible trailing commission in an annual lump sum.

We take care of all of the administration, tracking of the trailing payments for your and then cover the costs of transfer this into your Australian bank account. This is a no advice service and you need to determine if this service is right for you. Further to this, all Life Insurance Direct Commission Refund customers are eligible to make use of our Savings and Rewards Program that covers big household items like groceries, petrol and electronics, provided by Big brand like Woolworth, Close, Myers and Target, the savings and discounts range from 5 – 50%.

What is even better is that it is simple and fast for you to start claiming these ongoing trailing commissions.

Simply fill in the form below and submit it to us today.

For more information about how this service works please read out the Terms and Conditions or our Frequently Asked Questions below. For more information about Life Insurance Direct please refer to our Financial Services Guide or if you have any other questions please contact us on 1300 135 205 or you can ask any questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Refund Service

Trail commissions are fees paid by product providers such insurance companies or banks to the middleman to help sell their financial products to the end customer. These do not increase your premiums or fees and are built into the product of the insurance company or bank as a distribution cost.
Life Insurance Direct removes the current intermediary and therefore starts collecting trail commission on your behalf and paying the commission to you directly.
Unfortunately past commission refunds are not possible as the commission has already been paid to the current or past intermediary. Life Insurance Direct is able to help you claim future commission payments only once you have appointed us to do so.
With Life Insurance direct we not only take on identifying eligible products, the admin and processing of the appropriate commission refund but you also get access to:
  • Our exclusive Savings and Rewards Program with big brands like Woolworth, Coles and Target with savings ranging between 5-50%.
  • Preferred Partners– coming soon
Life Insurance Direct refunds 50% of everything we collect on your behalf over $50.
Call the insurance provider directly, or contact Life Insurance Direct directly to determine how much trailing fees and commissions they could be paying on your life insurance policies. Alternatively fill in the Nomination Form and we will confirm the estimate trail payments once we have contacted the relevant company.
Your Life Insurance Direct trail payments are tracked and available for you at any time by simply contacting us or emailing your policy number to The actual payment to your nominated bank account will be made every 12 months from the date your joined the Refund Service. Note we do not refund to Non Australian bank accounts.
Life Insurance Direct Commission Refund Service is a NON ADVISORY service. With this service you are 100% in control and empowered to select and administer your own policy. All information has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any particular person.
Published: July 1, 2016

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