Life Insurance Direct Quote Index

Our interactive research index allows you to instantly compare life insurance quotes of up to 32 different products
across 3 market segments: Direct, Advised (Retail) and Super Funds (Group).

To use the tool, simply select a gender, level of cover and the policies you would like to compare.

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Direct Policies

Direct Policies can be purchased by going directly to the provider/Insurer.
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Advised (Retail) Policies

Advised (Retail) Policies can be purchased through or another financial adviser.
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Superannuation Policies

Superannuation (Group) Policies can only be purchased by members of the relevant super fund.
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  • AustralianSuper Personal Plan
  • MTAA Death Cover
  • REST Select Death Cover
  • SunSuper for Life
  • First State Personal Death Cover
  • Hostplus Personal Super Plan
  • Colonial First State First Choice Insurance
  • CBUS Personal Super Death Cover

Life Insurance Companies

The insurer and issuer of the policy.
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The information published by Life Insurance Direct Australia (AFSL 473135) aggregates and uses data that has been sourced from publicly available information sources including Insurers’ websites and quoting software. The information in this report was obtained by us between 19 May 2016 and the 21 June 2016 and we reasonably believe it to be accurate. The pricing research is based on a blue collar worker (eg: plumber) living in NSW who is a non-smoker. All pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD). Not all available products are covered and price should not be the only factor considered in assessing the appropriateness of a product. Life Insurance Direct has made reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we present is current, accurate and unlikely to mislead or deceive but we rely on the currency and accuracy of the information published by the Insurers and Research companies. Prices are subject to change and underwriting assessment. Although policies may look the same they can be quite different and you should confirm the product information or get independent advice before acting on the information presented by us. If you identify any errors or misstatements please bring them to our attention and will correct them immediately. Third Party images are © Copyright of their respective owners.