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Russell Cain Updated: 01 April 2020

myOwn has closed as of 6 March 2020. Current customers policies will remain as is. If you still want health insurance that includes AIA Vitality, then review the newly launched AIA Health Insurance fund.

AIA myOwn: Health Insurance That Gives Back

A different type of health insurance that helps you get healthier and provide you with more value by combining hospital and extras cover with the AIA Vitality membership.

AIA Health Insurance Australia offers you up to 70% back on Extras from recognised providers, up to your annual limits.

The Health and Life discount

If you have a Priority Protection policy with AIA Australia and decide to take out a myOwn health insurance policy, you will receive an additional 5% Health and Life Discount on your Priority Protection premiums. This discount does not change depending on your AIA Vitality status.

AIA Health Insurance helps consumers become healthier while providing value for money by offering an array of different health insurance cover options which all include the AIA Vitality benefits. You can choose to purchase Hospital cover only, but if you choose an Extras package, you’ll get 50% to 70% back from any recognised providers up to your annual limits.

About AIA Health insurance

myOwn health insurance resulted from an alliance between GMHBA, the not for profit health insurer, AIA Australia and Discovery, a South African financial services provider.

By leveraging its global backing from the AIA Group, the second largest life insurer in the world, and GMHBA’s proven track record as Australia’s leading regional health insurer, AIA Health Insurance is set to change the Australian health insurance sector forever.

myOwn is also the first health insurer to combine health and life insurance. This offering is set to launch in the not too distant future.

How does myOwn health insurance with AIA vitality work?

AIA Health Insurance comes with AIA vitality whether you choose a Hospital Only or an Extras Package. Having access to this health and wellbeing program means you’ll be eligible to receive discounts and rewards when you know your health or start to improve your health with exercise or healthy eating.

AIA Vitality will reward you for looking after your health. Basically, the healthier your lifestyle, the more benefits and rewards you’ll receive. Rewards, like vouchers, discounts and more importantly discounts on your myOwn premiums.

So, the more active you are and the healthier you live, the more AIA Vitality points you’ll earn. The more points you earn, the better you can support your healthy lifestyle. As a new member, you start on Bronze Status and can work your by up by completing activities.

1. Know your health

This step will help you understand more about your health. Complete your Vitality Health Review and receive your first 1,000 points. Other assessments you can complete for more points include a non-smokers declaration, mental wellbeing assessment and skin self-exam.

2. Improve your health

By regularly exercising and updating your food diary you’ll rack up even more points. For example, earn up to 1,500 points when taking part in an approved fitness event.

3. Get rewards

You can get more rewards and discounts when you increase your AIA Vitality points. The healthier you get, the more points you’ll earn, which helps you improve your Vitality Status from Bronze to Platinum. With every 10,000 points earned, you’ll step up to the next rewards level.

Should I get myOwn health insurance?

You should get AIA Health Insurance if it provides you with the cover you need at a price you can afford. myOwn is an especially good option if you’re serious about your health and want access to the AIA Vitality wellbeing program.

Benefits of AIA Health Insurance

  • A health insurer that gives back by providing access to AIA Vitality membership for up to 2 adults per policy.
  • Save money with an upfront 5% discount on your myOwn health insurance premiums throughout the lifetime of your policy – available when you first join and held as long as you maintain Silver Status.
  • Easily choose between a wide range of hospital and extras cover.
  • Receive 50% to 70% back on your Extras cover up to your annual limit, from all recognised providers.
  • Gain access to the AIA Vitality app and easily complete health assessments and redeem rewards.

There is also a starting discount of 17.5% on AIA Australia life insurance if purchased through a broker.

myOwn products at a glance

Every product includes AIA Vitality, whether you purchase an Accident Only policy or a Top Package.

Take note, all Hospital policies from myOwn generally gives you the option between $500 and $750 excess.

myOwn Hospital Cover

Hospital cover provides you with the option of being treated in a private hospital and avoid being placed on a waiting list at a public hospital.

  • Accident Only: For those only wanting minimal Private hospital cover for accidents only and ambulance cover for emergencies only.
  • Basic Hospital: Ideal for the budget conscious and includes, joint investigations and reconstructions, hernia repair, colonoscopies and gastroscopies.
  • Mid Hospital: For those requiring a bit more cover. Covers rehabilitation, cochlear implants and ear grommets, gynaecological procedures and cardiac and cardiac related services.
  • Comprehensive Hospital: When you need complete cover, but don’t require pregnancy and IVF services. Cataract and eye lens surgery, renal dialysis, insulin pump, gastric banding and obesity.
  • Top Hospital: For those starting or growing their family. Includes everything offered in the Comprehensive Hospital plan, while also including pregnancy and IVF.

Hospital and Extras Packages

myOwn packages combine Hospital cover with Extras. Extras cover takes care of the costs for treatments and services not covered by Medicare. For example, visits to the dentist, optical services and physiotherapy.

  • Accident Only: Private hospital cover for accidents only with 50% back on Extras up to your annual limits. General and preventative dental, Optical and physiotherapy.
  • Basic Package: Private hospital cover with some exclusions and 55% Extras up to your annual limits. Major dental, PBS pharmacy, psychology and medically prescribed appliances including hearing aids.
  • Mid Package: 60% back on Extras up to your annual limits and private hospital cover with some exclusions. Extras cover includes everything in the basic package plus Orthodontics, homoeopathy and acupuncture, audiology and eye, speech and occupational therapy.
  • Comprehensive Package: For complete peace of mind private hospital cover with 50% back on Extras up to your annual limits. Includes everything listed in the Mid-level package and podiatry.
  • Top Package: The same as the Comprehensive Package but includes pregnancy and birth related services, IVF and assisted reproductive services and palliative care.

How to get AIA Health Insurance?

To get a myOwn health insurance quote, you can call 1300 795 560 or fill in the quote form below, and a specialist will contact you.

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  • Affordable Hospital Cover Options
  • Up to 70% back on most Extras

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