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Published May 16, 2022

At Life Insurance Direct, we’re excited to offer our new mortgage broker portal. This portal provides brokers with an easy way to refer their clients to us for life insurance quotes. We believe this portal will be a valuable resource for brokers and their clients. By using the referral portal, brokers can refer their clients to us while empowering them with a resource to research, compare and apply for affordable life insurance protection for their families.

In addition, the referral portal will allow brokers to track their referrals and ensure they get credit for every generated quote. Become a professional partner today to use the easy-to-use portal that allows you to refer, track, and report life insurance leads to sales.

How to access the portal

  • Contact us: Visit our Contact Us page, select “Partner with us” and provide your details and we will get you set up as an accredited partner under our referral process.
  • Get set-up: Complete the broker accreditation onboarding process to get set up with a unique portal ID.
  • Open your welcome email: This will contain your temporary password which you can use to log in for the first time.
  • Reset your password: Go to the settings tab and change your temporary password to one of your own choice.
  • Use the portal: Once you’ve successfully changed your password, you’ll be able to manage your referrals on the platform.

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Updates to the Portal

Want to learn more? Explore the benefits and updates of our partner portal – click here for exclusive insights.

Features of the broker portal

The new portal for mortgage brokers is an innovative way for brokers to keep track of their clients and business. The portal offers the ability to refer clients who may not be writing a home loan or for brokers who don’t have our services integrated into their CRM. They can then track the progress of each lead sent and download monthly reports. Providing the outcome of your referrals keeps us accountable, and brokers informed.

  • Refer with Confidence: No matter your aggregator, your role as a broker is crucial. We’re open to all broker partners. Just sign our online agreement, provide your account details for commission deposits, and complete our accreditation. This ensures your  referrals are compliant and well informed about the process before we contact them.
  • Track Every Step: Our Mortgage Broker Portal is a game-changer. Track each referral from the lead stage to payment. Stay updated and enjoy total transparency throughout the process.
  • Monthly Insights at Your Fingertips: Aggregators and brokerage owners, get ready to dive deep into data. Download monthly reports showcasing all referrals, their progress, and completed deals. You’ll see referral fees due and their allocation. Plus, if you’re managing a team, you can track every referral they make.

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