Product Disclosure Statements

Please find below the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) from a number of the life insurance companies we compare.

It is vital you consult the relevant PDS before agreeing to any policy. The PDS contains important product information on the policies offered by each insurer including built in benefits, additional policy options, policy definitions, maximum sum insured, entry and expiry ages and basic premium information.

If you would like to discuss any insurance policy further or if you would like clarification on points in a PDS, please contact us on 1300 135 205.

The PDS’ below are in PDF format. Please ensure you have Adobe Reader so you can access each document.

Insurer PDS Page Numbers
AIA Insurance AIA Priority Protection PDS Life Insurance – 14
TPD Insurance – 16
Trauma Insurance – 28
Income Protection – 49
Business Expenses – 62
AMP AMP Elevate PDS Life Insurance – 8
TPD Insurance – 18
Trauma Insurance – 24
Income Protection – 30
Business Expenses – 30
Asteron_Life Asteron Life Complete PDS Life Insurance – 5
Income Protection – 28
Business Expenses – 36
BT BT Protection Plans PDS Life Insurance – 20
TPD Insurance – 22
Trauma Insurance – 25
Income Protection – 52
Business Expenses – 63
ClearView ClearView LifeSolutions PDS Life Insurance – 10
TPD Insurance – 16
Trauma Insurance – 24
Income Protection – 42
Business Expenses – 57
CommInsure CommInsure Protection PDS Life Insurance – 28
TPD Insurance – 42
Trauma Cover – 50
Income Protection – 66
Business Expenses – 92
MLC Insurance MLC Insurance PDS Life Insurance – 12
TPD Insurance – 15
Trauma Insurance – 18
Income Protection – 29
Business Expenses – 44
OnePath OnePath OneCare PDS Life Insurance – 18
TPD Insurance – 21
Trauma Insurance – 30
Income Protection – 51
Business Expenses – 68
Tal insurance TAL Accelerated Protection PDS Life Insurance – 9
Trauma Insurance – 11
TPD Insurance – 16
Income Protection – 18
Business Expenses – 25
Zurich Zurich Wealth Protection PDS Life Insurance – 14
TPD Insurance – 16
TPD Insurance – 18
Income Protection – 25
Published: March 27, 2018
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