Bed Confinement

The Bed Confinement Option allows for you to receive a part of your monthly benefit if you are confined to a bed for more than 3 consecutive days during your waiting period.

This is generally an additional option however select life insurance companies may offer this option as part of their standard income protection policies.

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How does the bed confinement option work?

In order to claim under this policy option you must be:

Totally disabled due to a sickness or accident; and
Confined to a bed for at least 3 consecutive days during your waiting period; and
Under the advice of a medical practitioner.

How much can I receive from this benefit?

For each day you are confined to a bed during the waiting period you will receive 1/30th of your monthly benefit. Generally this is paid monthly in arrears.

For e.g. if your normal monthly benefit is $3000, you will receive a daily benefit of $100.00.

When does the bed confinement benefit begin?

The benefit begins after you have been confined to a bed for 3 consecutive days. Select insurers may include the first 3 days of your confinement period in your benefit, however generally your benefit will only begin after the first 3 days.

When would the benefit end?

The benefit may end:

If you are no longer confined to a bed
At the end of your waiting period, when you could go onto a full income protection benefit if it is still required.
When your Income Protection policy expires.
If the maximum number of days the life insurance company will pay the benefit has expired, which is generally 90 days.

The Benefits of the Bed Confinement Option

Generally, life insurance companies will only start paying your regular income protection monthly benefit once the waiting period is over. However the Bed Confinement Option allows to start receiving a portion of your benefit even during the waiting period.

This may be a good option to consider including if you are self employed or if you don’t feel you can go for a short period of time without an income.

What is meant by ‘bed confinement’?

Bed confinement is generally when you are:

‘Required to be in or near a bed for a certain portion of each day’.
If this is at your house or residence, you may be required to be under the care of a registered nurse, and not simply under the care of a family member.
If you are confined to a bed outside of your house or normal residence, life insurance companies may require a reason for this occurring.

Please note that different policies may have additional requirements and it is important to consult the Product Disclosure Statement or speak to one of our staff.

Published: July 29, 2015
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