General Cover Income Protection

General Cover Income Protection, offered by insurer BT, provides a monthly benefit which can cover up to 75% of your monthly salary up to a maximum of $5,000 if you become severely disabled due to sickness or an accident and are unable to perform the activities of daily living.

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Key policy information:

If employed:

17 – 59 (Stepped Premiums)

17 – 59 (Level Age 65 Premiums)

If not employed:

17 – 69 (Stepped Premiums)

17- 59 (Level Age 65 Premiums)

Expiry Age:

65 for benefit periods of 2 years,5 years and Age 65

80 for benefit period Age 80

Waiting Period

90 Days

180 Days

360 Days

720 Days

Benefit period:

2 Years

5 Years

To Age 65

To Age 80

Policy Type:

Agreed Value


Who does this policy suit?

General Cover Income Protection suits those people who are unable to take out a normal income protection policy. This may be the case due to:

  • Working in a dangerous occupation
  • Participation in a dangerous pastime
  • Having pre-existing medical conditions
  • Being too old for an income protection policy

If you are unsure if you can take out income protection, please call us speak one of our consultants. We compare the leading insurers in Australia and work closely with each of them to try to find cover for our clients.

What are the Activities of Daily Living?

The Activities of Daily Living Are:


The ability to bathe or to shower.


The ability to get dressed and put on or take off clothes.


The ability to use the toilet, maintain personal hygiene, including getting on or off the toilet.


The ability to get in and out of a chair.


Being able to control bladder and bowel function.


Being able to get food from plate to mouth.

Built-in features of General Cover Income Protection:

CPI Increases:

CPI Increases or Inflation Protection keeps your policy up to date with inflation by increasing the insured about by the increase in the Consumer Price Index. The increase generally happens on your policy renewal each year.

Death Benefit

The Death Benefit provides a lump sum benefit of 6 times your monthly benefit if you pass away while you are being paid a monthly benefit.

Extended Cover Benefit

If you are not currently receiving a monthly benefit or if you are not entitled to receive one when your policy expires, Extended Cover allows you to continue your cover past the expiry date. Application to extend your cover must be received by BT 30 days prior to your review date.

Loyalty Benefit

The Loyalty Benefit pays an additional $50,000 if your policy has been in force for three years and you pass away

Premium Holiday

Premium Holidays allows you to suspend your cover and premiums if:

  • Your cover has been in place for at least 6 months
  • You are unemployed
  • You are on sabbatical, maternity or paternity leave or you are on
  • long term leave from work
  • You have seen your income reduce by 30% or more over the last three months.

Additional Cost Options:

Needlestick Benefit

The Needlestick Benefit is available for medical professionals only. It pays a benefit of up to $2 million if you occupationally acquire HIV or Hepatitis B & C.

Children’s benefit

The Children’s Benefit pays a benefit if an insured child dies or suffers from a children’s medical event.

Published: June 16, 2015
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