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Comparing funeral insurance quotes is incredibly important in your search for the best insurance and it is important to know what will impact on the price of your cover.

What will affect my Funeral Insurance premiums?

The Sum Insured

The amount of cover you take out will affect your premium – the higher your sum insured, the higher your premium.

Smoking Status

Smokers generally pay more for cover than non-smokers. You may be considered a smoker even if you have had one cigarette in the past year.


The older you are when you apply for a policy, the more expensive your premiums will be due to the fact that as you get older, your chances of dying increase.

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General built-in features

Built-in features add great value to your insurance and you should always check what features come with your policy:

Lump Sum Benefit

Funeral Insurance pays a lump sum benefit of up to $30,000, depending on your insurer, to your nominated beneficiaries.

This benefit is often paid quickly once the claim is made to help pay for the funerals and other associated costs.

Inflation Protection

To make sure your level of cover keeps up with inflation, insurers will often apply ‘Inflation Protection’, also known as Benefit Indexation, where your level of cover will be increased in line with rises in the Consumer Price Index.

The increase in your cover will also mean an increase in your premiums. You should always check when comparing quotes if Inflation Protection is being applied to your policy.

Cooling off period

A cooling off period is the period in which you can cancel your policy without financial penalty. The period can be up to 45 days but may differ between insurers.

If you choose to cancel your policy during the cooling off period, you will receive a refund on your paid premiums.

Accidental Death Benefit

Some of our insurers will pay you a ‘triple benefit’ if your death is a result of an accident after the first 12 months of your cover.

In some cases, you may only be covered for deaths caused by accident in the first 12 months.

You should make sure to read the relevant PDS to see what you are covered for.

Premium Options

The insurers we use do not offer options for premium types for funeral insurance and generally only offer one type of premium.

Some insurers may also offer the following:

  • No premiums payable after your premiums paid exceed your sum insured amount

Payment Options

A number of payment options may be available to you:

  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

These can generally be paid via direct debit from a bank account or credit card.

Who do we compare?

We compare two of the leading funeral insurance providers in Australia:

AIA Funeral Protection

Zurich EziCover Funeral Advantage

Published: March 26, 2015

Ask an Expert?


  • Martha Harman |

    What if the Insured passes away due to illness or natural causes within the first 12 months of taking out cover, what happens here and do the premiums paid get refunded?

    • Brett Lenertz SPECIALIST
      Brett Lenertz |

      Thanks for contacting us Martha. I presume you are referring to Funeral Insurance with your question here? Generally with Funeral Insurance, it will not provide cover for illness or sickness related death in the first 12 or 24 months of the policy being in force. They will cover someone for Accidental Death in the first 12 or 24 months and of course after that. If the insured does pass away due to an illness in the first 12 or 24 months any premiums paid are generally refunded that were paid up to the point where the insurance company is notified of the insured passing. You may wish to check with your Funeral Insurance provider to see if this applies to your policy and whether your policy has the 12 or 24 month accidental death only period. If you are looking at taking out a policy, you are welcome to contact us on 1300 135 205 and one of our Funeral Specialists can assist you.

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