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Zurich Australia offers members the opportunity to earn rewards for making certain healthy choices. Their digital wellness program that provides members with exclusive benefits and extra support to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Access to the program is free and you may even be able to earn up to 7.5% off on your life insurance premiums.

Published June 6, 2019

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This wellness program enables you to receive even more value from your Zurich life insurance policies by rewarding you for taking part in various wellness activities.

The Zurich LiveWell app and dashboard are there to provide challenges, track your progress, help you earn more points and offer rewards.

Zurich Acquires HealthLogix to Improve Customer Experiences

In October of 2020, Zurich announced that they had acquired HealthLogix. Together with Zurich, they will be improving LiveWell customers’ experiences by providing them with the latest health solutions. This includes personalised content to help you improve your mental and physical health, challenges that reduce lifestyle risk, physical and biometric tracking and improved health risk assessments.

Benefits of the Zurich wellness program

How to become a Zurich LiveWell member?

This rewards initiative is exclusively available to:

  1. New customers purchasing an eligible Zurich insurance policy through an insurance broker;
  2. Current customers that are increasing or adding cover to their existing eligible Zurich life insurance policy, via an insurance broker.

If your membership application gets approved, you’ll generally be able to use the Zurich LiveWell program, once you’ve received an email with activation instructions.

How does the LiveWell benefits program work?

Zurich LiveWell is a wellness program providing a holistic point of view focusing on the 3 wellness pillars: mind, body and community.

By engaging in various wellness activities, you’ll start to accrue points and move to one of the 4 reward tiers: Blue, Bronze, Silver or Gold. The higher your reward tier, the higher your premium discount.

Take note: Rewards reset at the end of each membership period.

Zurich LiveWell status and premium discounts

Rewards TierTotal points required% Discount on your following year’s premiums
Blue0 to 4,9990%
Bronze5,000 to 9,9992.5%
Silver10,000 to 14,9995%
Gold15,000 +7.5%

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How to earn points

You’ll gain 1000 points during your first membership year, as soon as you become a Zurich LiveWell member and participate in any point scoring activity. After that, you have 320 days to earn points and increase your rewards tier.

Earn more points by completing physical, mental and community goals. Follow these 4 steps to get started:

  1. Purchase a Zurich life insurance policy.
  2. Download the Zurich LiveWell app and sign up.
  3. Complete wellness activities and earn points.
  4. Achieve your goals and claim your rewards.

Examples of Zurich rewards program activities

Complete 12000 steps or reach an activity score of 12050 points (get over 18,000 points per annum when completing this activity daily)
Full day charity fun run, first aid course or volunteering for 4 hours or more1000 points (max 2000 points per year)
Donating blood750 points (max 1500 points per year)
Completing a Mind & Body Lifestyle program100 points for completing each week (max 4 programs per year)
Reading a Mind, Body or Community article5 points (max 3 articles per day)

Wellness activities

You can track and record your daily activities by linking your Fitbit, Garmin or another health app (for example Strava and Apple Health) with the Zurich Livewell app.

Wellness activities include:

  • Steps and physical exercise
  • Reading wellness articles
  • Taking quizzes provided in the app
  • Using the wellness calculators
  • Participating in lifestyle programs and challenges

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is Zurich’s Loving Life program?

    Get access to over 4,500 lifestyle and entertainment offers, like food shopping, flight deals and movie tickets when accessing this location-based app from your smartphone device.
  • When will your premium discount start?

    Your premium discount will generally apply when your policy renews during the following 12 months. Your discount amount will be reflected in your policy anniversary notice.
  • What is the Zurich LiveWell membership fee?

    The LiveWell program is currently free, although the company has the right to apply an annual membership fee as per their terms and conditions. Zurich will inform you of such a cost at least 30 days before it comes into effect.
  • Where can you download the Zurich wellness app?

    You can download the LiveWell app on an Apple iPhone or Android phone by visiting the Zurich LiveWell web portal on the company’s website.

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