TAL Health Sense and Health Sense Plus

TAL customers who meet specific health criteria are typically eligible for a TAL Health Sense discount. The purpose of the discount is to act as an incentive to encourage customers to live healthier lives and reap financial rewards. Customers whose BMI falls between 19 and 28 are offered a discount on their premiums as part of the rewards program.

Published June 12, 2020

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Benefits of TAL Health Sense

TAL Health Sense is designed to encourage participants to improve their health and wellbeing. The TAL Health Sense discount typically rewards eligible new and existing customers with up to a 15% discount on their Critical Illness, Life Insurance, or TPD insurance policies with TAL as an incentive to encourage them to be healthier and more active. This then, in turn, can help reduce their risk of developing preventable diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease etc.

TAL Health Sense Eligibility

Your eligibility for TAL Health Sense is based on your BMI.   

1 or 2 cover types – 7.5% discount * 3 Cover Types – 12.5% discount * 4 Cover Types – 15% discount *
  • Life or Critical Illness or TPD Insurance
  • Life and TPD
  • Life and Critical Illness
  • TPD and Critical Illness
  • Life and Income Protection
  • TPD and Income Protection
  • Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • Life, TPD and Critical Illness
  • Life, TPD and Income Protection
  • Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • TPD, Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • Life, Critical Illness, TPD and Income Protection

* The discount is reduced by 2.5% for smokers  

Cover TypeMinimum Sum Insured
Life Insurance $100 000
TPD Insurance$100 000
Critical Illness Insurance $50 000
Income Protection$2000 per month

Benefits of TAL Health Sense Plus

In June 2019, TAL launched the Health Sense Plus program. TAL Health Sense Plus encourages customers to get preventative screening tests that could typically be used to detect or prevent certain diseases linked to weight gain and level of physical activity. By getting these screening tests, customers generally have a higher chance of detecting certain preventative health conditions. TAL Health Sense Plus generally offers existing customers a 5% lump sum discount on their premium for an eligible Accelerated Protection Life, Critical Illness, and TPD insurance policy for two years to customers who get the requested screening tests.

TAL Health Sense Plus Eligibility

If you are eligible, TAL will send you an offer for the Health Sense Plus discount after you have had your 1st policy anniversary and you will have to revalidate this offer every two years. To be eligible for the TAL Health Sense Plus discount, you typically have to get the recommended preventative screening test from your GP.

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Total discounts available through health programs

Between TAL Health Sense and Health Sense Plus, customers can typically get a total of up to 20% off their lump sum payments if they meet the eligibility criteria. TAL Health Sense typically offers between a 5-15% discount, and TAL Health Sense Plus generally offers an additional 5% discount on lump-sum premium payments if eligible.

Pros and Cons of TAL Health Sense and Health Sense Plus


  • Customers are encouraged to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • TAL encourages its customers to undergo preventative screening tests that can be used to detect, prevent and manage certain health conditions linked to inactivity and poor lifestyle choices.
  • Customers are financially rewarded in the form of a discount off their insurance premiums. 
  • By taking these tests, customers are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining their health and having relevant conversations with their GP.
  • Customers only have to provide proof of the screening test. They are under no obligation to share the results with TAL.


  • Maintaining a certain BMI is difficult for some people as they may have health conditions that can cause this to increase or fluctuate.
  • As it is determined by your BMI, It does not take into account your activity levels or diet.
  • For TAL Health Sense Plus, customers need to revalidate and undergo preventative screening tests every two years.
  • Health Sense Plus is not eligible for those over the age of 62 at the time they are offered the discount.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is TAL Health Sense?

    TAL Health Sense is a prevention program that encourages TAL customers to be healthy. Customers who follow the program can typically get rewarded with a discount on their premiums. You can request a quote from us by filling out your details below.
  • How does the TAL Health Sense program work?

    The TAL Health Sense program works by giving customers a discount on their premiums if they meet specific eligibility criteria. Customers typically get between a 5-15% discount on their premiums if they have a BMI of between 19.0 and 28.0 and if they go for preventative screening tests for the Health Sense Plus program.
  • What does it cost to belong to the Health Sense Program?

    There are generally no additional costs involved in order to apply for the TAL Health Sense Program. The only costs that you may incur are the costs of the screening tests required to apply for the TAL Health Sense Plus Program.
  • How to apply for TAL Health Sense

    To apply for the Health Sense program, you must take out an eligible Accelerated Protection policy from a financial adviser. Alternatively, you can fill out your details below to get some quotes for a suitable TAL insurance policy. TAL generally email clients directly to inform them if they are eligible for the Health Sense Plus program.

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