Inspired by the growing fitness and wellness movement MLC Insurance has relaunched and enhanced their popular wellness program to help customers lower their life insurance premiums, effective from 9 October 2017.

The MLC On Track program rewards customers for being proactive with their health by incorporating technology to track their daily number of steps. New MLC Insurance customers will receive a 5% upfront policy discount upon joining but will need to stay active and meet their annual step target to maintain their discount.

This fine-tuned version of On Track collects customers wellness data through their self-bought fitness tracker and a compatible smart device.

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What is MLC On Track?

MLC On Track is a wellness program offered by MLC Limited, the insurer, to reward you for leading a healthier, more active life. This program collects your fitness and wellness information via the use of a personal fitness device and then uses this data to calculate your number of steps and whether you’ve achieved your target.

Simply signing up to OnTrack MLC when you apply for an eligible MLC Life Insurance policy entitles you to a 5% discount off your life insurance premiums for the first 12 months of your policy being enforced. After that, you have to achieve a weekly step target to ensure this discount will continue for the following year.

How does the new MLC On Track program work?

This program is only available to new MLC Insurance and MLC insurance (Super) members who joined from 2 October 2017 onwards. Discounts will be applied to the original policy you purchase, as well as all additional MLC insurance policies you might later add, including increases in benefit amounts.

What you’ll need to participate:

An in-force MLC policy purchased after 2 October 2017.
Be the life insured on the policy.
Your own fitness tracker → Garmin, Apple or Fitbit.
A compatible smartphone or similar device.
Synchronise your fitness tracker with your compatible device at least every 4 days.
Ensure data collected by your fitness tracker accurately reflects your level of activity.
Access the On Track Customer Dashboard to track your progress.
Once your policy has been issued you’ll receive an authorisation email from MLC Life Insurance requesting permission to collect your step data. Accept the terms and conditions, create your account and start walking.

Your daily step progress will be uploaded onto the ON Track dashboard within 24 hours and you’ll receive regular reminders and updates on how you’re tracking.

Achieving your health and fitness targets

You need to reach 37, 500 target steps per week for at least 30 out of the 40 weeks. The 40 weeks starts on the day your policy starts.

7,500 steps a day, or
37, 500 steps per week (5 days a week).

OnTrack MLC version 1

The first version of On Track ceased on the 31st of May 2017. It offered new customers a premium discount of up to 10% but was stopped due to the complex scoring system and because it only allowed for one specific fitness device, the Garmin Vivosmart HR fitness tracker.

This version of On Track endeavoured to gather data on a customer’s step count, average activity level, time asleep and resting heart rate. The data collected was then used to calculate an overall score using and a points system. A score of 900 points had to be achieved within the first 12 months of your policy commencing in order to receive a discount.

The first time you reached 900 points within 160days, you’d be eligible for a 5% premium discount. When you reached your targeted score twice, you became eligible for a further 5% premium discount, giving you a total discount of 10%.

Due to the complex nature of the program, it was ended and refreshed into the enhanced version available from the 9th of October 2017.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, OnTrack is only available to new policyholders. However, if you purchased an MLC Life Insurance policy between 1 June 2017 and 9 October 2017, you will receive an invitation to join the relaunched version of the program. Policyholders with the old MLC wellness program will also receive this invitation.

If you purchased an MLC policy before On Track started then you’ll have to take out a new policy to be eligible for the 5% discount. If you’re unsure whether you’ll receive an invite to join the new program then contact us on 1300 135 205 and we’ll assist with your query.

Once you purchase a new MLC Life Insurance policy you’ll receive a 5% upfront discount. However, to maintain this discount year-on-year you need to meet your weekly step target of 37, 500 steps.
You can track your progress via the MLC ON Track log on your customer dashboard. You can set your dashboard to report to reflect your daily, weekly or monthly performance.
The fitness trackers that can be used to capture your steps include Garmin and Fitbit wearable fitness trackers and Apple Watches.
Only the life insured on the policy is entitled to participate in the program and must comply with the relevant terms and conditions.
When you lodge a claim on one of your MLC policies, your participation in the MLC wellness program will be placed on hold so that your progress won’t be negatively affected. The data suspension will re-start as soon as you’re able to continue participating.

If you do lodge a claim or need your program to be placed on hold due to a significant personal event, you need to inform MLC as soon as possible.

Ask an Expert?


  • Mark Rance |

    I already have a fitness tracking device and I don’t want to wear two devices, can I use my personal device to this program?

      Brett Lenertz |

      Great question Mark and can understand your thinking. However, for MLC On-Track you must wear the Garmin Vivosmart HR fitness tracker and have a compatible smartphone to pair with this device.

  • Celia hayes |

    You have sent me the Vivosmart and I have paired the device. However there is no link to when entered in google says there is no site. When you search on the mlc website it cannot be found.

    How can all this work be done to advertise this wellness program and the site is impossible to find?

      Russell |

      Hi Celia

      Thank you for your question, you can login to the mlcontrack/login here. If you have any further challenges logging in please let me know.

  • dathome |

    I recently took out life insurance policies for my wife and I. We have not received an email to join the programme. Who can I contact about this? How can I confirm our eligibility?

      Russell |

      Hi Dathome,

      Appologies for the delay in getting back to you. You should have received your email 7 to 10 days after the MLC insurance or MLC insurance Super policy was issued. This email contains the link you to the MLC ontrack enrolment page. If you did not receive the email, either contact MLC directly or you can contact us & we will be happy to help manage your policy and get you set up on MLC ontrack program.

      Please note we understand that entry into the MLC ontrack program may be ceasing (undergoing major changes) on the 31st May 2017, therefore you will need to be quick to gain entry.

    • Uvric Leneer |


      Can my partner wear the device instead of the policy holder?



      Russell |

      Hi Uvric

      The device needs to be worn by the life insured. However I wouldn’t know how they would be able to find out if the device was being worn by someone else?

  • Veronica |

    I signed up in early May 2017. I was not advised of any changes in the terms & conditions of the program and only discovered the new scoring/discount system by accident.

    How will my participation be affected? As I have already earned my 5% off my premium for the life of the policy, will I still be on the run for the additional 5%?

    The Ontrack call centre was unable to answer this and asked me to email them (!).

      Anneke |

      Hi Veronica,

      Great question, thanks for asking.

      The terms and conditions of the original MLC On Track program, which you are a member of, will still be honoured. As long as you meet the targets set out, you will achieve the 10% discount on your policy for the life of your policy and won’t have to qualify year on year.

      I hope this has answered your question.

  • adam |

    Hi. I have been a gym fitness fanatic for 28 yrs and don’t understand why I have to waste time and money buying silly fitness step counters to proof my fitness. Surely a gym membership tracking my number visits would be more than sufficient, as the step counters could be given to a spouse to get the steps up!

    Seems unfair that fit people are charged the same premiums as unfit overweight people who are more prone to trauma. Or is this about getting kickbacks for MLC promoting Garmin?

      Anneke |

      Hi Adam.
      For life insurance companies, fitness tracking might be the most logical way to gauge your wellness because many people also simply swipe their gym membership card to get the rewards and don’t actually exercise. Of course, it’s not a perfect system, but wearables generally encourage people to upload their fitness stats and data which might be more accurate than simply swiping a card. However, with technological advances perhaps in future, there will be more accurate ways of assessing whether people actually live healthy lifestyles.

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