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MLC Life Insurance is launching their latest incentive, MLC Vivo. This product offers members a unique and personalised approach to health, wellness and recovery. This is an exciting opportunity for new customers to get involved in our innovative program. Save up to 7.5% on your monthly premiums by signing up for this offer.

Published July 14, 2022

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7.5% Discount on your premiums

New customers receive an 7.5% discount on premiums if they fall in the eligible BMI range and are applying for an eligible policy.

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

The program is as an incentive to encourage members to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Easy to achieve

To qualify for this offering, you’ll need to fall in a BMI range between 18.5 to 28.5.

MLC Insurance policy holders can now lower their insurance premiums by signing up for the MLC Vivo incentive, effective from June 2022. This new wellness program has been created with the specific intent to motivate customers to improve their fitness and wellness.

In order to qualify for the MLC Vivo incentive, customers will generally have to fall into the eligible BMI range at the time of purchasing an eligible policy.

What is MLC Vivo?

The MLC Vivo incentive program is intended to encourage you to live a healthier life. The Vivo discount typically rewards eligible new customers with up to a 7.5% discount on their Critical Illness, Life Insurance, or TPD insurance policies.

By improving your general health and lowering your BMI, you can typically reduce your risk of developing preventable diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease.

MLC Vivo Eligibility

To qualify for the MLC Vivo discount, you typically need to fall into a specific BMI range of between 18.5 to 28.5, which is confirmed during the underwriting process. The discount is potentially available to anyone who is eligible and who has purchased a life, TPD or Critical illness insurance policy following 6 June 2022.

Who does not qualify?

The following policy options do not qualify for the MLC Vivo discount:

Pros and Cons of MLC Vivo


  • Customers are encouraged to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • MLC encourages its customers to maintain a healthy BMI and make smarter lifestyle choices.
  • Members are rewarded with a discount on their insurance premiums.
  • The discount is applied to your policy for the duration of your membership.
  • There are no additional tests after your BMI has been confirmed during underwriting.


  • The discount is based on your BMI so it does not take your activity level or diet into account.
  • Existing MLC policyholders can not qualify for the discount.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How does MLC Vivo work?

    MLC Vivo is an incentive program that offers a premium discount to MLC life insurance policyholders who maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). When you purchase a new policy from this insurer, they’ll generally look at your BMI to determine whether you qualify for the discount.
  • How do I join MLC Vivo?

    To join the Vivo incentive from MLC, you generally need to purchase a new qualifying policy and go through underwriting to determine whether or not your BMI qualifies for the discount. If you do meet the eligibility requirements, the discount will automatically be added to your policy.
  • What are the benefits of joining MLC Vivo?

    The main benefit of joining MLC Vivo is the premium discount. This discount is applied to your policy for the duration of your membership if you fall in the BMI range that MLC requires for you to qualify for the discount. By maintaining a healthy BMI you could significantly reduce your risks of developing certain lifestyle-related conditions.
  • What does it cost to be part of MLC Vivo?

    Typically you won’t need to pay extra to be a part of the MLC Vivo incentive. The discount is confirmed during underwriting and is then applied to your premium for as long as you continue to pay your monthly fees and maintain your membership.

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