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About Clearview

Clearview has been a dedicated life insurance specialist in Australia, since 1976. They protect customers’ wealth by helping them build a financial safety net, providing a comprehensive range of investments, super solutions and life insurance solutions. Their mission is to protect the financial futures of their customers and their families.

Clearview is an Australian-owned, ASX-listed company. They pride themselves on paying all genuine claims as quickly as possible, with the support of their highly trained and experienced teams. Clearview Wealth Limited is not owned by, or aligned with, any large national or international financial institutions, making them free from any vested interest and bureaucracy. Clearview Life Solution policies are issued by Clearview Life Assurance Limited who is owned by Clearview Wealth Limited.

History of Clearview

Clearview has been in operation for 40 years, since 1976, when they started out as an Australian registered life insurer called NRMA Life, which provided life insurance exclusively to NRMA customers.

In 2002, as their services developed and diversified, NRMA changed their name to IAG and launched Clearview Retirement Solutions. Two short years later, IAG sold Clearview Retirement Solutions and NRMA to MBF Australia, which was acquired by Bupa Australia in 2008. Then, in 2010 MMC Contrarian Limited bought MBF Life and Clearview from Bupa and changed their name to Clearview Wealth Limited. Later in 2010, Clearview was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the code CVW.

NRMA Insurance


NRMA Insurance established.


NRMA Insurance changes name to IAG and launches Clearview Retirement Solutions.


IAG sells Clearview Retirement Solutions and NRMA Life to MBF Australia.
BUPA Insurance


BUPA buys Clearview Retirement Solutions and MBF Life from MBF Australia.


MMC Contrarian Limited purchases MBF Life and Clearview Retirement from BUPA. MMC Changes name to Clearview Wealth Limited.
Clearview Insurance


Clearview lists on ASX as CVW.

Key Statistics

As of last year (30 September 2015) Clearview had $124 million in-force annual insurance premiums, managing $7.9 billion of their customers’ investment funds.

Clearview insurance uses major reinsurers, like Swiss RE, with whom they have a treaty agreement, and has a Standard and Poor’s rating of “A” (December 2011). Meaning they have a strong capacity to meet their financial commitments.

Clearview LifeSolutions provides customers 24 hours a day cover, no matter where in the world they might find themselves. Furthermore, they encourage customers to manage their health and weight, by providing them a 10% discount off their insurance premiums, with their Health Maintenance Program.

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Your Questions about ClearView Answered

Clearview Wealth is a company specialising in building, growing and protecting their customers’ wealth. They listed on the ASX under CVW in 2010. In fact, Clearview owns an APRA-regulated life insurance company, Clearview Life Assurance Limited, and an APRA-regulated Registrable Superannuation Entity Licensee, Clearview Life Nominees Pty Limited.
Previously known as NRMA Life, Clearview has been operational since 1976, playing an important role in the lives of Australians for the past 40 years.
As an existing Clearview customer you’ll receive an online questionnaire every two years, requiring your current height and weight, whether you saw a Doctor in the last three years, and if you’ve taken up smoking since your last application. If you proactively manage your health, your answers will reflect this. A positive review of your questionnaire will result in your discount being reset to 10% off your premiums.
Yes, Clearview offers both Accidental Income Protection and Accidental Death cover. If you are disabled due to an accident, your Accidental Income Protection Cover will provide you an ongoing monthly benefit of up to $40,000 (this amount includes any superannuation monthly contributions).

If you were to die as a result of an accident, Clearview will pay the Accidental Death Cover benefit to your nominated beneficiaries. Note, death must occur within 90 days of the accident and is in addition to your Life Cover benefit.

If you have either Life, Accidental Death, TPD, Accidental TPD or Trauma cover you can apply to add Parent Cover to your policy. This cover provides you a lump sum benefit of up to $5,000 – $15,000 if one of your parents were to pass away for the first 12 months the cover is accidental death cover only however after this period it covers any type of death. Parent cover is to assist by providing you enough money to pay for their funeral expenses.

You can insure one or both of your parents on your policy, but both parents must have the same benefit amount. Parent Cover is not available if you hold your policy within superannuation. Your mother or father must be at least 40 years old for you to apply for this cover and no older than 85.

If you suffer from a specific medical condition for example:
  • Severe Cancer
  • Severe Heart Attack
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Severe Multiple Sclerosis
  • Severe Stroke
  • Severe Parkinson’s Disease

You can get claim up to 30% of your Life Cover at a predetermined time. This benefit is called The Life Cover Conversion Benefit. By using this benefit you can convert up to $2 million of your total benefit amount at a rate of 30%. However important to note that if you exercise this option you will forfeit the remaining 70% of the Life Cover amount.

Yes, trauma reinstatement is built into your Trauma Cover at no extra cost. This means that if you claimed a full Trauma benefit previously, you can reinstate your cover after 12 months of your claim is paid. Note, reinstated Trauma Cover will not be paid for the same Trauma condition, or related condition (direct or indirect) as was paid for the original Trauma Cover.

We’d love to help you with any Clearview related questions not addressed on this page. Please contact one of our experienced consultants for a guaranteed speedy reply.

Ask an Expert?


  • Kathy |

    Is there a charge for ceasing a life insurance policy and transferring to another company?

    • Brett Lenertz SPECIALIST
      Brett Lenertz |

      Hi Kathy, Effectively there is no charge for cancelling a Life Policy and switching to another company. Keep in mind that the Policy Owner only has the right to cancel the policy. This can be different to the Life Insured in some circumstances so you will need to check the policy. You are covered under your Life Insurance simply whilst you are paying your premiums. If you pay premiums monthly or annually, generally the Life Insurers will provide a pro-rata refund of the premiums you may have already paid since the last renewal date up until the cancellation date you have requested. If you do switch Life Insurers, please keep in mind that you are required to disclose your full medical, pastimes and financials again with regards to an application so you need to consider this if you have had a change in circumstances and therefore you need to keep this in mind that a current policy is not cancelled until you are happy with the new policy and it has been accepted by the Life Insurer.

  • Martin Shaw |

    My husband hates paperwork/forms etc… is this one that can be done online? Does it require him to have a medical (he is quite fit, just getting him to go to a doctor is like pulling teeth) !!!!

    • Russell SPECIALIST
      Russell |

      Hi, I agree, no one likes paperwork! So we have made it easy for customers to apply for insurance over the phone, and at the same time we can answer any questions you may have about the different options and or the process. Generally he won’t require a medical or any tests, the only time these are required is if the insurers selected needs a current reading on a particular condition he may currently have or alternatively if he is applying for large amounts of cover.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to call us 1300 135 205.

  • Hetal Patel |

    Person who could not speak English how they could apply for insurance policy.

    • Russell SPECIALIST
      Russell |

      Hi Hetal

      Great, question. Normally what happens is the person would have their guardian / spouse / partner (interpreter) request quotes on their behalf. Then this person would explain the details of the policy, quotes and or explain the quotes, terms and conditions of the cover to the person taking out the cover.

      However the application part of the application (Which is very important), needs to be fully and accurately completed in English, therefore a copy of the application is mailed out. The person helping with the interpretation would help them complete the questions in the application and understanding the terms of conditions of the policy they are considering, and the implications of not completing the application forms correctly.

  • Marivic Kho |

    I read on your website that as an existing Clearview customer, i will receive an online questionnaire every two years, requiring my current height and weight and the like. And that if my health review is positive, it will result in my discount reset to 10% of my premiums….I am making this enquiry for my husband who has been insured with Clearview for years, but never received an online questionnaire…his life protection policy will expire on 14 Sept 2017. Will really appreciate if you will send us an online questionnaire.

    If I have death and terminal insurance on my Super and death and terminal illness cover with Clearview, can i make a claim from both companies?
    Up to what age would i be covered by Clearview on terminal illness and death?

    Will be expecting from your answers.

    Kind regards,

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