Your Guide to Reaching Vitality Platinum Status

Platinum status is the highest rewards level you can reach with AIA Vitality and gives you 50% cashback on eligible flights and 50% off Endota spa e-Gift cards.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your AIA Vitality wellness program or wondering whether it’s worth signing up, then check out our quick start guide to earning points fast so you can maximise your AIA Vitality benefits.

Reach Vitality Platinum status and start enjoying the cost savings and health benefits from leading a healthier lifestyle.

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How does the AIA Vitality status work?

The wellness program uses a points system to help you on a path to better health by rewarding you with discounts and goods and/or services. You can earn points by getting to know your health and participating in activities to improve your health.

The more points you earn, the higher your status becomes, which in turn unlocks more rewards. You’ll move up a level with every 10,000 points earned.

  • Bronze: Zero to 9,999 points when you start
  • Silver: 10,000 points
  • Gold: 20,000 points
  • Platinum: 30,000 points

Vitality platinum status benefits

Benefit type Partners Rewards
Insurance premium discounts AIA Australia Life Insurance, Trauma and TPD 17.5% initial discount
AIA Income Protection insurance and Business expense 7.5% initial discount
Nutrition assessments
  • Dieticians Association of Australia (DAA)
  • Accredited Participating Dietitians (APD)
50% off initial consultation
Gym discounts ANYTIME FITN1ESS $400 cashback
Fitness First 50% off gym memberships
Virgin Active 50% off gym memberships
Fitness gear and devices Fitbit 25% off
Garmin 25% off
JAGGAD Life Athletic 30% off
Benefits when meeting your Active Benefits target
  • iTunes
  • Woolworths
  • Uber
  • Uber Eats
  • Google Play
  • Black Dog Institute
  • Cancer Council
  • Diabetes Australia
  • Youngcare
$260 in vouchers or donate to charity
Flight benefits
  • Virgin Australia
  • Singapore Airlines
50% off 2 eligible domestic or international flights
Shopping rewards
  • Meyer
  • Woolworths
  • Rebel
  • Ticketmaster
$650 worth of vouchers
Movie tickets HOYTS 50% off member movie vouchers
Spa treatments Endota spa 50% off e-Gift cards
Source: The AIA Vitality website (12 November 2019)

How to become Platinum in 5 steps

You need to earn 30,000 points during your membership year to reach Platinum status. Follow the steps below to make sure you head into the next year on the highest benefit level.

Step 1. Join the AIA Vitality program

You can access AIA Vitality when purchasing one of the below insurance products:

Step 2. Activate your AIA Vitality membership

Generally, within 48 hours of your insurance policy being accepted and payment for your Annual Vitality Membership received, you’ll get an email encouraging you to activate your account. Follow the prompts to set up your password. Log in to the AIA Vitality website or mobile app to get started.

Step 3. Know your health by completing online assessments and offline health checks

After you’ve activated your membership and logged in, it’s time to start earning points. Once on the website or app, navigate to the ‘Know Your Health’ and select one of the below options.

Online health assessments

Online assessment Total points Times per year it can be completed
AIA Vitality Health Review 1,000 Once per year
Online Nutrition Assessment 1,000 Twice a year, 6 months apart
Mental Wellbeing Assessment Up to 1,500 Twice a year, 6 months apart
Non-Smoker Declaration 1,000 Once per year
Skin Self-Examination 1,000 Once per year

Offline health checks

Health check Total points Times per year it can be completed
AIA Vitality Health Review 6,000

No limits on how many health checks you can have.

750 point per measurement, plus 750 points for each screening that's in the healthy range. Measures BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and random blood glucose or HbA1c.

Dental Check 1,000 Once every three years
Eye Check 1,000 Once per year
AIA Vitality Fitness Assessment 3,000 Twice a year, 6 months apart
AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment 1,500 Once per year
Mental Wellbeing Assessment 1,500 Twice a year, 6 months apart
Vaccinations 1,000 for each vaccine
  • A flu shot can be done once per year
  • HPV for females between 18 and 26, can be done once per year
  • Pneumococcal for adults 65 years and older, can be done once per year

Preventative health checks

Health check Total points Times per year it can be completed
Mammogram for females 50 years and older or clinically appropriate 1,000 Every year for two consecutive years
Cervical Screening Test for females 18 years and older 1,000 Every year for two consecutive years
Colon Cancer Screening for adults 50 years and older 1,000 Every year for two consecutive years

Step 4. Get active and start improving your health

Improve and maintain your health while also earning points. However, physical activities are capped at 100 points per day and 15 000 points per membership year.

Fitness and healthy eating

Activity Points
Anytime Fitness gym 100 for each workout
Fitness First gym 100 for each workout
Virgin Active gym 100 for each workout
Organised Fitness Event 1,500 for each event
Track & upload your workouts with fitness devices 100 for every upload
Nutrition tracking Up to 4,800 per year for logging your food intake using your Fitbit account
Achieve Health Goals Up to 6,000 per year when you accept and achieve an AIA Vitality recommended goal
Sleep Tracking Up to 2,000 per membership year. 10 points for every night you sleep for at least 7 hours.
Smoking Cessation 1,000 when you’ve stopped smoking and after 3 months complete the online Non-Smoker’s Declaration

Step 5. Monitor your AIA Vitality points

Your points add up to help you achieve a higher benefit level. Be sure to frequently review your Vitality points by either reflecting on your AIA Vitality Points Statement, which will usually be emailed or by logging onto the website or mobile app.

When you know how many points you still need to reach Platinum Status, you can start planning which activities and assessments to do next.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How to redeem your Platinum points rewards

  • To use your Active Benefit vouchers, you need to follow the steps provided by each voucher supplier. Some Platinum membership rewards can be used online or offline, depending on the supplier’s terms and conditions.
  • For Shopping Rewards, you can choose a gift card for every 5,000 points earned via the AIA Vitality mobile app and redeem the gift cards at one of the AIA Vitality partners, for example, Woolworths, Ticketmaster or Uber.
  • You can purchase your Endota spa e-Gift cards, HOYTS movie tickets and discounted flights through the AIA Vitality website and log in to view the full terms and conditions.

What is the Platinum Bonus?

Vitality members who signed on from 25 January 2018, are further encouraged to live an active lifestyle with a cash-back bonus. Once you’ve achieved Platinum Status, you’ll be entitled to an annual cashback bonus of $120.

You’ll receive an email from AIA Vitality that requests your banking details. Your account will then be credited within 90 days after your membership anniversary date.

How long does your Vitality status last?

Generally, your Vitality status will carry over to your next membership year, which includes your AIA Vitality benefits and discounts. However, to maintain your Platinum status through to the following year (year 3), you will need to continue accumulating points or risk achieving a lower benefit level.

Published: November 14, 2019
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