The AIA Vitality program continues to grow and expand. With over 7 million members worldwide, the program aims to give clients more benefits and rewards when living a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Members of the program gain more control over their premiums by knowing and continually improving their health. By taking out a life insurance policy through AIA Australia and joining Vitality, you can start saving today!

What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a worldwide science-backed health and wellness program; allowing eligible AIA clients to get discounts off their premiums when actively working toward knowing and improving their health by completing online assessments or going for medical check-ups. The program further inspires healthier living by giving members points when reaching and logging milestones, for example walking 12, 500 steps.

From regularly going to the gym, getting your annual flu shot, participating in organised fitness events and eating healthy foods, you can earn valuable points, potentially saving you thousands off your premiums. Your Vitality points determine your status level; bronze, silver, gold or platinum, which in turn controls the amount of benefits and rewards you receive.

Like other rewards programs, the more points you earn, the higher your status level and the higher your discounts and rewards will be.

Important Information about the Vitality health and wellness program:

  • AIA Vitality Benefits

    AIA Vitality benefits include saving money on your AIA insurance policies, shopping vouchers, and discounts off Qantas flights and select fitness devices. As you become healthier and more active, you’ll unlock more lifestyle rewards. Members can also receive substantial discounts on a number of corporate partners, like Virgin Active, Hoyts and Endota Spa.
  • Vitality Partners

    Use your membership card at any of the below companies and gain access to rewards and discounts:

    • Qantas
    • Caltex Woolworths
    • Endota Spa
    • HOYTS
    • JB Hi-Fi
    • Myer
    • Boost Juice
    • Dietitians Association of Australia
    • Anytime Fitness
    • Virgin Active
    • Fitness First
    • Step into Life
  • AIA Vitality Membership Fee

    The AIA Vitality cost is $10.00 per month, providing AIA Vitality members with access to a variety of discounts and rewards. The membership fee is in addition to your policy premium, however generally the discounts you receive from Vitality covers the monthly fee for the membership.

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  • How to Earn AIA Vitality Points

    The first step to earning Vitality Points is by purchasing an AIA Life, TPD, Trauma or Income Protection Policy and joining the AIA Vitality program. You will also need to download the Android or iPhone App.

    The second step is in knowing your health by completing online surveys, for example, the non-smoker declaration, the mental health questionnaire, and the AIA Vitality age.

    You can earn a further 750 points when visiting your GP and completing a health check, you will earn additional points if your Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol or random blood glucose is within a healthy range.


    Step Three is about improving your health through exercise, for example, you’ll earn 100 points by simply walking 12, 500 steps, however you will need a fitness device, like a Fitbit or app on your phone like Stava, where the information is automatically uploaded on to the Vitality app on your phone.

    In addition you can elect to record your diet by logging one food entry a day to earn additional points.

    When accumulating enough points, you’ll move up a level and unlock even more rewards. New members will start on Bronze and work their way up to Platinum. A higher status can earn you up to a 20% discount on your lump sum premiums.

    If you do need help, Vitality Australia has a dedicated support team that you can call 1800 VITALITY (1800-848-254), and there is 30 day cooling off period (free trial).

  • Initial Premium Discounts

    New Vitality members will receive an initial discount of 12.5% on their Life, Trauma and TPD cover. As of 10 December 2016, new members will also receive an initial 7.5% discount for Income Protection and Business Expenses Policies (Income Stream Benefits). Any new policies will have the initial discount applied from their policy commencement.

    As long as you’ve been a Vitality Member since 20 January 2017, you will automatically have the initial discount applied to your income protection and business expense policy.

  • How to Increase / Maintain my Premium Discounts

    Life, Trauma and TPD: If you don’t engage with the program in the first year, and you started on the Bronze status, your discount will go down by 2.5%. Maximum Discount over the life of the policy is 20% at Platinum.

    The higher your status level, the greater your discounts and rewards.

    Lump Sum Benefit Premium Flex

    Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
    Bronze 2.50% 20%
    Silver 1.25%
    Gold 0.00%
    Platinum +1.00%

    Income Protection and Business Expenses: After your 1st year you will receive increased discounts to your policy providing you move to Silver status or above. Maximum Discount over the life of the policy is 20% at Platinum status.

    Income Stream Benefits Premium Flex

    Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
    Bronze 0.00% 20%
    Silver +0.50%
    Gold +1.00%
    Platinum +2.00%
  • Status Levels

Bronze 0 – 9,999 points
Silver 10,000 to 19,999 points
Gold 20,000 to 29,999 points
Platinum 30,000 or more

New to Know Your Health

Online Nutrition assessmentCompleting this informative online evaluation results in you receiving 500 points, per assessment (done twice a year, 6 months apart).
Nutrition trackingEarn up to 4,800 points per year when you log your food intake (using a Fitbit, Fitbug or Jawbone app).
Fitness AssessmentCollect 300 points when completing a series of assessments plus 1,200 for being within healthy range.
Mental wellbeing assessmentUse this assessment to help you identify stress triggers. Upon identification, it will provide you with the appropriate tools to manage your stress better. You’ll also earn 1,200 Vitality points.
Online skin self-examinationComplete a simple online skin assessment and earn 500 points.
Eye checksEvery year that you go to an Optometrist for your check-up, you’ll receive 500 points, for 3 consecutive years.
Dental check-upAll members with the Adult’s Maintenance Package will earn 1,000 Vitality Points for their annual check.

New to Improve Your Health

You’ll receive more rewards when making healthy food choices and tracking your physical activity. Up to 25% discount off Garmin and Fitbit devices, making it even easier for you to log your food intake and activities.

Additional discounts are listed below:

  • Receive up to 65% discount when visiting Anytime Fitness. You need to attend at least 24 times on a rolling 91 day period.
  • Virgin Active has increased their membership fee discount to 50% for all Vitality members.
  • When you stop smoking with Allen Carr devices, your benefit increases up 100% back.
  • You’ll also receive 30% upfront and 20% cashback for an initial consultation with an accredited, practising Dietician.
  • Flu Vaccine points have doubled to 1,000 per membership year, and you’ll now receive another 1,000 points for a Pneumococcal Vaccine.

More Rewards

The Vitality health and wellness program has added more ways to reward you, which now includes the following rewards over and above the potential premium discounts:

Free Shopping Vouchers

Eligibility for Free Shopping Vouchers is at 5,000 point intervals so at 5,000 points receive a $20 Gift Voucher and at 20,000 points you are eligible for a $80 Gift Voucher. At 35,000 points receive a $200 Gift Voucher. These vouchers can be used at leading retailers such as Myer, Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi, Caltex-Woolworths and Rebel.

Qantas Flights

  • Fly with Qantas, and you can save money to enjoy on your trip.
  • The first two flights are at the member status level discount of:
  • BRONZE – 10%
  • SILVER – 30%
  • GOLD – 40%
  • PLATINUM – 50%
  • All flights after that are at a 10% discount.

HOYTS Cinemas

Active Vitality members will receive up to 70% discount off movie tickets, with a max of 6 tickets per month.

Endota Spa Treatments

You’ll now get twice as many spa vouchers per membership year, including discounts based on your Vitality status (20 to 50%). Maximum of 4 vouchers per year.

Boost Juice

You’ll receive $7.50 Boost Juice vouchers each time you earn 250 points for being physically active. For example, when you visit any Virgin Active or Anytime Fitness three times a week, you’ll receive a free Boost Juice voucher to the value of $7.50.

Retail Vouchers$20 + $40 ($60)
Qantas Flight Discount10%
Boost Juice VouchersWeekly
Endota Spa20%
Hoyts tickets6 per month
Fitness device discount25% to 30%
Gym (Anytime Fitness)$100 cash back
Retail Vouchers$20 + $40 ($60)
Qantas Flight Discount30%
Boost Juice VouchersWeekly
Endota Spa30%
Hoyts tickets6 per month
Fitness device discount25% to 30%
Gym (Anytime Fitness)$100 cash back
Retail Vouchers$60 + $80 ($200)
Qantas Flight Discount40%
Boost Juice VouchersWeekly
Endota Spa40%
Hoyts tickets6 per month
Fitness device discount25% to 30%
Gym (Anytime Fitness)$100 ($200)
Retail Vouchers$100 + $150 ($450)
Qantas Flight Discount50%
Boost Juice VouchersWeekly
Endota Spa50%
Hoyts tickets6 per month
Fitness device discount25% to 30%
Gym (Anytime Fitness)$200 ($400)

How do I join?

To join AIA Vitality program and access the benefits available to members, you need to take out an insurance policy with AIA Australia. Simply contact one of our specialists, and they will set up your membership for you. You will receive a welcome email explaining the program, and then you can log into the Vitality website to begin accessing the benefits of your membership.

MyOwn Health Fund

To improve the health and wellbeing of Australians, AIA Australia has partnered with GMHBA and Discovery to bring you their new product, called myOwn. MyOwn Health Insurance launched in June 2017. This new brand will be an Open Private Health Insurance offering available to all Australian families and will automatically include membership to the AIA Vitality program.

Ask an Expert?


  • Steven |

    With the flight reward on vitality, it says this “To qualify for the cashback, there needs to be a 10 day lead time between the booking date and the departure date.” Just to clarify, does this mean I will only get the cashback if I book max of 10 days before I leave?

      Brett Lenertz |

      Hi Steven, Actually it means the opposite. It means you need book a minimum 10 days before you fly out.
      For example, you can’t book today and fly out tomorrow to get the cashback.
      It stops people abusing the system. I hope this makes sense. Thanks

  • Steven |

    Ok, great as instructed I have gone to the Qantas website and booked my flight, what do I need to do to claim my cash back off my flight?

      Brett Lenertz |

      Hi Steven, Redeeming your cashback is easy.The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the e-ticket that Qantas emailed you, you will know when you have the right document as it has a barcode in the right hand side of the document (you know this as the e-ticket) with a booking reference number under it. Secondly you need to email your e-ticket to: [email protected] and be sure to include your AIA Vitality Membership number in the subject line. Thirdly, you will need to update your details to ensure your bank account details are saved into your Vitality account and you can do this by navigating to the following section:

      Rewards > Flight Benefit > Get Started ..

      Click on the ‘Bank Account Details here’ link to update this information.

      That’s it, please note it will take a week for the Vitality Team to review your eligibility and to provide confirmation of the amount of cash back you are entitled to for the flight.

      If you need any further assistance please reach out .. Thanks

  • Steven |

    Awesome, I just received confirmation from the team that they have calculated my eligibility of my cash back to be $196 which is great, as I only just joined AIA Vitality and am currently only on a “Bronze” status. The great news is it was a real 10% off the entire booking! They have confirmed that the payment will be passed through to my account in the next 3 weeks.

    It was easy and exceeded my expectations, thank you.

    Now I just need to work on improving my status by getting fit!

    Thank you

      Brett Lenertz |

      No problem Steven, Glad we could help. Remember to check in with the AIA Vitality Website – to ensure you get the most out of your membership.
      Thanks again.

  • butian |

    how to join?

      Russell |

      Hi Butain

      I can see you have also requested for one of our specialists to call you which they will be doing shortly. However the answer to your question is that to join the AIA Vitality program you need to have an AIA Priority Protection policy in place. Therefore when you talk to our specialist they will provide you with 2 options a policy with the Vitality program and one without for you to consider which is best for you.

  • Sumant |

    Hi there,

    As a Vitality member, may i ask if i get any discounts on travel insurance when travelling overseas?


      Brett Lenertz |

      Hi Sumant, Thank You for your question. At this stage there are no discounts on Travel Insurance specifically for members of AIA Vitality. Please keep in mind that changes and partners within the program may change from time to time so always check in on the AIA Vitality Website to ensure you keep up to date. Thank You

  • Shane |

    I had a look at the AIA vitality website and saw that you can get up to 50% off Fitness First Black Label memberships. How does this work? Does the gym charge me the usual fee and I get cashback from AIA?

      Brett Lenertz |

      Hi Shane, thanks for your great question regarding AIA Vitality. Essentially, as you indicated the normal fee is paid and you will then provide AIA with your receipt and they in turn will provide you with cashback for the 50% of the membership.

  • Sandro |

    How to cancel aia vitality membership?

      Russell |

      Hi Sandro

      It is easy just complete the Vitality cancellation form. Please note once you cancel you will lose the all the benefits of the program including any discounts you may be receiving on your AIA insurance policy premiums for being a vitality member.

  • Lisa |

    Does AIA offer a discount for multiple policies, e.g. myself and partner taking out life insurance, TPD and trauma? Also, is a membership to AIA Vitality free if you have one of the above policies?
    Thank you.

      Anneke |

      Hi Lisa.

      Thank you for posting your question.

      Combined policies, also known as bundled or linked policies (for example combining life insurance and TPD insurance), is a great way to save on your premiums.

      AIA does provide opportunities to combine or link life insurance with trauma insurance and TPD insurance. A bundled premium discount of 12.5% is available when an AIA Income Protection solution is combined with life and/or crisis recovery.

      However, the eligibility of these discounts depend on the specific policy you apply for. Because I am not aware of you and your partner’s personal circumstances and requirements I cannot say whether you’ll be eligible or not.

      If you need help with this, you might want to fill in the quote form above so one of our consultants can assist you. Alternatively, feel free to call us directly on 1300 135 205.

      In answer to your second question; to qualify for an AIA Vitality membership you must be 18 years or older; an Australian Resident and you must be the life insured on a current, eligible AIA Australia insurance policy. Membership cost is $10 a month GST included.

      You can also gain access to AIA Vitality when purchasing Health Insurance cover from AIA, called myOwn.

  • Yu Luk |

    I am existing priority protection policy holder. If I join this Vitality program, can get 12.5% for my first-year premiums?

    You mention the entry level is Bronze. If I do not have much engagement, the discount will be reduced to 10% or less. Please clarify.

    Also, how do I get the discount or voucher for Hoyts tickets? In addition, I joined a Gym centre which is AJ in Algester. Can I get the $100 rebate?

      Anneke |

      The premium for your lump sum AIA Priority Protection policy will reduce by the initial 12.5% discount when the policy owner next pays a premium. If you don’t engage with the program in the first year, your 12.5% discount will go down to 10%.

      Your AIA Vitality membership year will run for 12 months from registration, i.e. the date your Vitality membership was created. So, if your AIA Vitality is added at any other date than when your policy was issued, your policy year and AIA Vitality membership year will not be the same and will, therefore, renew at different times.

      If you are an existing AIA Priority Protection policyholder without Vitality you can contact your financial adviser to facilitate the process of signing up. If accepted, you will be sent an email requesting you to activate your account online at

      For the discounts and vouchers earned, you will receive a gift card that will be emailed to you and can be downloaded as a PDF. Another email notification will be sent to activate your gift card, which must be done within 3 months of receiving the card.

      AJ’s Sports Centre is not an AIA Vitality affiliate, however you can earn up to 100 points when using a fitness device, like a fitbit or app on your phone, and linking it to your Vitality app to record your activity level.

      For more information on AIA Vitality, please give them a call on 1800 848 254.

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