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Insurance Opt-in for Under 25’s and Low Balance Accounts

There’s been a lot of news lately regarding Superannuation changes, for example how your retirement savings might get eroded by inappropriate insurance and what government is doing to protect you. With all the changes and technical jargon thrown around, it's understandable that many members are left confused. This article aims to clarify what you need...
News 12 November 2019
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Life Insurance for Selfie Deaths

The selfie is something of a cultural phenomenon and is especially appealing to travellers, where they take pictures of themselves against spectacular backdrops. However, taking a selfie in a hazardous location or with dangerous objects has led to over 259 deaths since 2011. More people now die in the pursuit of the perfect selfie than...
News 13 September 2019
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Life Insurance Claims Statistics in Australia

One of the biggest concerns people buying life insurance has, is whether their policy will payout should they suddenly pass away or become sick or injured. While a track record of claims paid is not the sole indicator of performance, it can be an important factor to consider when comparing companies and choosing a policy...
News 24 July 2019
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New Super Rules for Life Insurance

You recently might have received an email from your super fund warning you that your life insurance will be cancelled because your account is inactive. Millions of Australians have insurance inside their superannuation. You probably have life insurance, TPD cover and perhaps even income protection insurance (salary continuance cover) in your super fund. To protect...
News 30 May 2019
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The 2016 Quote Index: What’s New, What’s Different, And What It Means For You

A year goes by so fast, you start conversations with “just the other day”, when in reality it happened over 12 months ago. We understand it’s difficult to keep track of all the changes taking place in just one year. That’s why we want to keep you up-to-date on the latest life policy trends, ensuring...
News 1 August 2016
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Avoid Being Overcharged on Your Life Insurance Premiums

Sydney: 18 July, 2016 - Life Insurance Direct has done extensive research of more than 3,000 quotes from 32 brands to launch the 2016 Life Insurance Direct Quote Index. The research reveals that certain big brands are consistently overcharging on life insurance premiums. Download Press Release PDF Download PDF “There are many misconceptions about which...
News 15 July 2016
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Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and talk to a specialist

SYDNEY: 2 February, 2016 – Consumers who experience difficulty getting insurance – including life, income protection, trauma or total and permanent disability (TPD) – need to be determined and keep trying. “Just because one life insurance company won’t cover you, doesn’t mean another won’t,” says CEO Russell Cain. Download Press Release PDF Download PDF “It doesn’t...
News 8 February 2016
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Will you be accepted?: Three years of statistics

Despite their usefulness, generalisations aren’t always entirely reliable, they can often be misleading, and at other times, simply wrong. For insurance purposes, some generalisations are useful to assessing risks, costs and consequences; all other things being equal females will outlive males, tobacco use is detrimental to your health and the probability of death increases with...
News 30 November 2015
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Life Insurance Framework Survey 2015 Results

Life Insurance Direct have the exclusive right to publish the  ‘Life Insurance Framework Survey 2015’, as authorised by the Life Insurance For Consumer Group. All references to this survey must use the following link: Post the Life Insurance Framework (LIF) announcement, there was a plenty of anecdotal evidence of misrepresentation, and deep concern that many...
News 29 October 2015
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Life Insurers Profits Up But You Still Pay More

SYDNEY: 07 October, 2015 – The recent reporting season has revealed that, despite crying poor, life insurers’ profits are still increasing, according to CEO Russell Cain said, “AMP reported one of the highest increases in profit – a 33% rise in statutory net profits, as at 20 August – and they’re not alone.”...
News 7 October 2015
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Questions premium price spike

SYDNEY: 7 September, 2015 – is questioning whether the current spike in premiums on life insurance offered by insurers to consumers via financial advisers amounts to price gouging. “ We have received letters from a number of top insurers, some of them indicating premium price rises of up to 20 per cent,” said CEO,...
News 7 September 2015
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Protect our firefighters

SYDNEY: 12 August, 2015 – A Bill recently introduced into the Queensland Parliament1 has highlighted the need for Australia to commit to better protecting firefighters, according to “While the Bill is a step in the right direction, we don’t believe it goes far enough in helping to protect firefighters and their families,” said
News 12 August 2015
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Life insurance commissions – perception versus reality

SYDNEY: 10 July, 2015 - Life insurers are allowing a misperception that advisers are being paid upfront commissions of up to 120% to continue, according to Life Insurance Direct. “Their intent might be unclear but the effect is not,” says Life Insurance Direct CEO, Russell Cain. “This view of adviser remuneration is popularly accepted but,...
News 10 July 2015
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Life Insurance – Are you paying too much?

SYDNEY: 18 June, 2015 - With the plethora of life insurance offers now being marketed to Australians, consumers may be confused about which policies are more affordable, according to Life Insurance Direct Australia (Life Insurance Direct) CEO, Russell Cain. “We are seeing a lot of life insurance being advertised by big brands on television and...
News 18 June 2015
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xLife Rebrands as Life Insurance Direct

We are happy to announce the exciting news that xLife has rebranded and will now be known as Life Insurance Direct Australia! Our new name comes with a brand new logo and an amazing new website,

News 16 December 2014
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