Financial advisers are leaving the industry at alarming numbers leaving customers exposed

Learn more about the impact on consumers as the number of financial advisers are dwindling every year.

Lifestyle 21 June 2021
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Changes to income protection will allow insurers to downgrade policies

Learn more about how income insurance will change and how insurers will be free to downgrade policies and have the option not to renew.

Lifestyle 17 June 2021
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How will income protection insurance changes impact professionals?

From no later than the 31st October 2021, professionals eg: lawyers, doctors, and specialists are going to find it more difficult to protect the same level of their income than is currently available.

Lifestyle 20 April 2021
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How will income protection insurance changes impact the self-employed?

With new Agreed Value policies recently taken off the market, and proof of income periods for indemnity policies set to change imminently, it‘ harder than ever before for self employed to protect their income.

Lifestyle 12 April 2021
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6 Common Myths About Life Insurance Debunked

Common misconceptions about life insurance include believing that it’s too expensive, you won’t need it as a singleton, a belief that your insurance through super is enough and that it’s something that’s only necessary when you get older.

Lifestyle 24 March 2021
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How does income protection work?

Income protection ensures that you’re taken care of if you can’t work. Learn more about how it works, the difference between waiting and benefit periods and how premiums are calculated.

Lifestyle 23 February 2021
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