Can I take out Life insurance if I am an Australian expat living overseas?

In relation to expats living overseas, a number of insurers have changed / updated their views on how willing they are to offer life / tpd / trauma or income protection to expat Australians livings aboard.

Firstly: Here are some of the key pieces of information that we would need to know before we could give you a meaningful response.

  • Are you an Australian citizen
  • Are you working overseas for a set period of time
  • Is the set period of time is no more than 5 years
  • Is there a planned / clear return to Australia date
  • Have you got a working contract in place

Secondly: The life insurance company will also take into consideration where you are travelling to /residing in and the travel warning surrounding the country or region.

There are 4 levels of travel warnings:

  1. Exercise normal safety precautions (Green)
  2. High degree of caution (Yellow)
  3. Reconsider your need to travel (Orange)
  4. Do not Travel (Red)

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Here is a link to Indonesia as an example of what the region’s travel warnings look like:


Generally speaking insurer’s consider the regions marked as Green or Yellow acceptable, regions marked as Orange will require individual consideration and if the region is red, generally speaking they will not be able to offer cover but I would still recommend asking!

For income protection policies you will be best to provide the following as well:

  • Your occupation
  • Your Qualifications,
  • Current Income,
  • Are you an employee or self-employed

Please note: They will also generally also apply a repatriation clause for Income protection benefits.

Finally: we have recently found that a number of insurers insist that the application must be signed /completed in Australia before the client leaves the country or when the client comes back to visit for business or on holiday and if there are any medical requirements requested by the insurer they must be completed in Australia.

As we help Australian expat living all over the world with their life / TPD / Trauma or income protection requirements therefore please either request a quote by completing a request form or you can contact us on +61 (0)2 99297355 if you are calling from overseas please note we are on Australian Eastern Time Zone UTC+10:00.

Author: Russell Cain
Published: March 10, 2017

Ask an Expert?


  • Jane |


    Could you please advise me if I can take out Life Insurance with you?

    Here are my circumstances: I am a UK and Australian citizen and have been living in Perth, Australia for the past 14 years. I am now living in England to spend time with my parents. I intend to return to Australia within 5 years.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards

      Anneke |

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for your inquiry.

      Your eligibility for life insurance as Australian Expat will generally be subject to the following:

      Whether you’re an Australian citizen: Your insurer will request confirmation.
      If you’re working or living overseas for a set period of time, no more than 5 years.
      Whether you have a planned return date: You’re insurer might ask for a clear intended date.
      If you have a working contract in place: If yes, they will need to know the period of time.
      If the country you’re travelling to is considered safe: England exercises normal safety precautions and is thus classified as safe.

      Therefore based on the limited information you have provided, there may be some insurers that would look at offering cover.

      However, we will need a few more details regarding your specific requirements. Kindly fill in the life insurance quote form above or alternatively contact us directly on +61 2 99297355 between 8-5.30pm AEST.