Mortgage Brokers Can Refer Life Insurance with Salestrekker

Published September 22, 2020

We are proud to be partnering with SALESTREKKER as a third party diversification partner. If you are a mortgage broker or aggregator who uses Salestrekker as a CRM, we can make referring Life Insurance simple.

Referring to us can be an excellent opportunity for your business to offer your clients a complete home buying experience. We have worked with Salestrekker to provide Mortgage Brokers with a straightforward, hassle-free referral process.

Benefits to your customers

  • Your clients can compare prices and policy features within minutes using our comparison engine.
  • Access to our insurance specialists team, ready to answer any questions about Life, TPD, Trauma, or Income Protection Insurance.
  • FREE education about what each type of Insurance covers, and how they can claim.
  • The claims support team will assist your clients as required through the claims process.
  • FREE annual review ensures customers continue to have competitive prices and features on their chosen cover type.

Benefits to your business

  • The ability to offer your clients protection for their family ensures they are not left financially devastated if the unexpected happens.
  • Let us do all the heavy lifting while you earn a tidy commission.
  • While speaking to your client, you can give them instant access to a live quote in under a minute.
  • We can provide education to your business about any Insurance product we provide.

How to improve your mortgage broker marketing strategies

Get started as an independent broker or Aggregator by contacting our Business Development Manager via the details below. Express your interest in finding out how you can integrate your Salestrekker platform with Life Insurance Direct.

Ready to provide your customers with life insurance?

Contact our Business Development Manager

Alternatively, you can contact them directly on 1300 135 205.

Once you’ve decided to come on board, there are 3 easy steps to set up Salestrekker integration as an independent broker.

Life Insurance referrals through Salestrekker

Setup Salestrekker in 3 Easy Steps

1. Sign the partner agreement, and receive your tracking ID

Life Insurance Direct has drawn up a partnership agreement that will need to be reviewed and signed by your company representative before a Unique Tracking ID can be produced.

2. Enable integration in your Salestrekker

  1. Click on settings
  2. On the sidebar, go to INTEGRATIONS
  3. Choose 3rd Party Applications
  4. Scroll down to Personal integrations with 3rd party diversification partners
  5. Turn ON the slider for Life insurance Direct
  6. Enter your tracking ID supplied by Life Insurance Direct, and hit SAVE
  7. The system will update, and you will be ready to start referring

Click on the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Salestrekker

3. Integrate into your business processes:

There are 3 ways to send referrals, and you can choose the appropriate time to refer your client to us:

A. In the Fact Find process

  1. In DEALS, make sure all your clients’ information has been filled in the appropriate sections. The email address and phone numbers are essential
  2. In BROKER TOOLS, click on Number 6 “Needs and Objectives” Scroll down to the question that asks, “Do you have adequate insurance to meet your loan repayments in the event you are unable to work”
  3. If you select NO, you will see the Life Insurance Direct icon appear
  4. Click the icon, choose the insurance type required from the drop menu, and your clients’ details will auto-populate into a pop-up screen
  5. You only need to enter the mortgage amount the client is applying for in the amount section and hit >SEND
  6. The system will tell you if the referral was successful or not. You will then have the option to open the quote by selecting >OPEN APP. If the client is with you, you can make changes to the quote as it is entirely interactive, and you’ll receive live prices

B. Manual Referral

  1. If you miss the chance to refer during the needs and objectives questions, you can still do a manual referral
  2. Click on BROKER TOOLS, and scroll down to number 19, “Diversification Opportunities”
  3. Click on the Life Insurance Direct Icon. Select Insurance type from the drop-down menu. Your clients’ details will auto-populate
  4. Enter the mortgage amount the client is applying for in the amount section and hit >SEND
  5. The system will tell you if the referral was successful or not. You will then have the option to open the quote by selecting > OPEN APP. If the client is with you, you can make the changes to the quote as it is entirely interactive and receive live prices

C. Marketing Campaigns and Drip emails

  1. In the Salestrekker Marketing campaign section, we can help you send periodic, educational emails about insurance. Each email contains your Unique Tracking ID, allowing us to credit you with a referral should your client engage. . Or we can assist with an education piece to be sent.
  2. During the mortgage process, each time a client progresses to a new tile on Salestrekker, you can choose periodic messages to go out to remind your client to view their Life Insurance quote

Types of Insurance available

Once you’ve partnered with us, you’ll be able to refer your clients to us for a whole range of insurance products, including:

Your customers will be able to access these leading insurance brands

  • TAL
  • AIA
  • MLC
  • BT
  • OnePath
  • Zurich
  • ClearView
  • NEOS
  • Metlife

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I only refer to Life Insurance Direct if I have Salestrekker?

    No, we have multiple options for referring using our Exclusive Life Insurance API
  • Can my client get a quote directly from my website?

    Check out our Exclusive Life Insurance API, which we can tailor to suit your website or application.
  • Are the Insurance policies medically underwritten?

    Absolutely. All products (except Accidental Death Life Insurance) provided by select leading insurers are medically underwritten at the time of application, not claim time. —Ensuring your clients’ peace of mind.
  • When do I have to refer my client?

    You control this. There is no mandatory time you have to refer to us. You decide, based on the client’s requirements, when it will be appropriate to refer.
  • What is a unique tracking ID?

    A Unique Tracking ID is a numbered link allocated to each, or nominated, Salestrekker user in your business. It records all referrals and which user provided it. The tracking ID can also be added to your client’s educational emails via the marketing campaigns on Salestrekker.
  • What is an educational email?

    At Life Insurance Direct, we believe in educating people about Insurance. These emails have been designed to help your clients understand insurance before purchasing. We cover many topics, explaining in simple terms what each type of insurance does, the different types of payment options available, and we help them decide which cover is right for them.
  • How much commission can I make?

    Commissions are paid on policies that go into force. This means the insurer has accepted the clients’ application, all medical requirements have been met, and payment has been received.
  • Will my client be harassed with calls?

    No, your client is in control of the entire process. If they engage with our comparison engine and require further information, our specialists are here to help.
  • Are my clients’ details shared with any third-party referrers?

    Definitely not. We have a strict Privacy policy, which will be supplied to you in full if you decide to become a partner.
  • Will my business incur any costs in becoming a referral partner on Salestrekker?

    No, referring through Salestrekker is FREE.
  • What do I do now?

    Contact our Business Development Manager on 02 9929 7355 or use our online contact form.

Ready to provide your customers with life insurance?

Contact our Business Development Manager

Alternatively, you can contact them directly on 1300 135 205.

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