Our team is committed to helping Australians compare life insurance

Meet the team

At Life Insurance Direct, our team is committed to helping Australians compare life insurance. Our aim is to make the life insurance comparison and application process as easy and simple as possible.

To learn more about our team, see our profiles below – or call us on 1300 135 205.

  • russellRussell Cain | CEO

    What do you do at Life Insurance Direct:

    As CEO I provide strategic direction and support to the business and work closely with our team on all facets of the business.I also provide training to our great team of life insurance specialists, customer support and claims teams.

    What did you do prior to joining Life Insurance Direct?

    I was primarily an accountant in a commercial environment, before starting a number of businesses, including, ‘Catch MY Super’ and Imperator. I also became a consultant and shareholder to ‘AussieLegal’.

    However once I saw the opportunity to help Australians understand the life insurance options available in the life insurance category, I started xLife in 2006.

    Fun facts about you

    I moved to Sydney from South Africa in 2000 and loved it so much I decided to stay.
    I used to play Polocrosse for a state team in South Africa.

    Life Beyond work for you/some of your favourite things

    I love spending time with my family, friends and enjoy cooking. I am also an avid home renovator and property investor

    What are you proud of:

    I am proud of the great solutions the team develop and implement everyday in protecting Australians.

  • AndrewAndrew Ferguson | Senior Life Insurance Specialist

    As one of our senior life insurance specialists, Andrew talks to clients each and every day about their personal insurance needs.

    Fun Facts about Andrew

    Andrew is a tea connoisseur and can often be found drinking a newly found tea from his beloved tea pot.

    He is also an avid coin and note collector.

    Outside of work:

    Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors especially in the summer where he can mix sun, bbq and sport.

    He is also working on building and maintaining a vegetable garden.

    What Andrew is proud of:

    He’s not proud of his vegetable garden at the moment but he hopes one day he will be

  • brentBrent Wilson | Senior Life Insurance Specialist

    What do you do at Life Insurance Direct:

    As part of retentions team, I help clients make sure their policies are still working for them.

    What did you do prior to joining Life Insurance Direct?

    Prior to joining Life Insurance Direct I worked as Life Insurance Specialist

    Fun facts about you

    I started doing an Electrical Engineering degree before making the switch to finance and specifically life insurance

    I represented Australia as a junior in Futsal

    Life Beyond work for you/some of your favourite things:

    I love playing football and spending time with family and friends.

    What are you proud of:

    I’m proud of helping clients find ways to maintain their cover and protect themselves and their families financially.

  • stormStorm Bolton | General Manager

    As General Manager, Storm’s role is wide and varied. He loves focusing on people, ensuring that our clients receive an outstanding level of customer experience, in addition to the personal growth and development of the Life Insurance Direct team.

    Fun Facts about Storm

    Once at a business dinner in China, Storm had to eat the eye of a fish because his manager refused to eat and he did not want to insult their host.

    Outside of work:

    Storm loves to travel with his wife Bronwyn, searching for sun, surf and great food. Holidays are always more of an adventure than relaxation.Storm however does love a relaxing weekend around his BBQ and recharging for the week ahead.

    What Storm is proud of:

    Storm is proud that everyday we strive to educate, protect and provide choice to our clients.

  • GemmaGemma Meers | Customer Support

    Gemma is part of the customer support team, assisting both our insurance specialists teams and clients.

    Fun Facts about Gemma

    Gemma spent two years living in London and is a former primary school teacher

    Outside of work:

    Gemma loves catching up with friends and family and travelling the world, including travelling to Barcelona where she has been 7 times! She also enjoys live music, going to the beach and exploring Sydney.

    She counts Home Alone as her favourite movie and chocolate lava cake as her favourite food.

    What Gemma is proud of:

    Gemma is proud of being able to say she has visited 22 countries (and counting) and her world famous homemade lemon meringue pie.

  • NaimaNaima Leera | Senior Customer Support

    Naima is our Senior Customer support and works with both insurance specialists and clients to deliver the best outcomes to our clients. Prior to working at xLife Naima worked at the University of Western Sydney in a training capacity.

    Fun Facts about Naima

    Naima loves cooking and enjoys watching cooking shows and experimenting with food from different cultures.When Naima was a child she learnt how to speak English by watching movies!

    Outside of work:

    Outside of work Naima loves travelling having visited over 25 countries with many more on her bucket list.

    She also enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies and playing with her children.

  • StuartStuart Warren | Insurance Specialist

    Stuart is an insurance specialist at Life Insurance Direct, helping our clients to find cover that suits their circumstances. Prior to joining Life Insurance Direct Stuart travelled to Australia, working on a number of customer focused environments.

    What does Stuart do at Life Insurance Direct

    As one of our insurance specialists, Stuart advises clients on their personal insurance needs across life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection and Total and Permanent Disablement Cover.

    Fun Facts about Stuart

    Stuart enjoys playing and watching football, supporting his beloved Manchester United.

    What does Stuart do for fun?

    Stuart loves snowboarding and skiing, having spent a number of years working in the ski fields.

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