How to get started with our life Insurance API

Published October 1, 2021

To succeed in the life insurance business, you need to provide innovation through technology. Follow the steps below to enter the life insurance market easily or to strengthen your customer loyalty.

Step 1. Contact us

We’ll provide us with your APP name, URL and a brief description of your products and/or services and your contact details.

Step 2. Receive your test token

We will be in contact within 24 hours and send you a test token and tracking credentials. If you have not received your test token, please contact us.

Step 3. Sign the API agreement

After successful implementation of the API/White label and our review of your site/application, including your privacy policy, we will send you a copy of our API/White Label agreement to countersign.

Step 4. Check that your disclaimers are correct.

Ensure your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy has all the relevant information regarding how you will refer your users’ personal details to Life Insurance Direct and that your company may receive a financial benefit should a user proceed with an application.

For example: By clicking  ‘Compare quotes now’ you accept that you have read and agree to our Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy and consent to us providing your details to Life Insurance Direct Australia Pty Ltd A.B.N 98 121 266 957 (AFSL 473135). They may contact you about the products and services provided.

Step 5. Get set up

Lastly, we will provide you with your LIVE token and tracking credentials.

4 Ways to Integrate our Life Insurance API Comparison

  1. Request access to the API by contacting us. We will send you the test token and tracking ID immediately.
  2. Review the API documentation.

We have one API with 4 integration options. However, you would just push additional values and or complete additional steps as detailed below.

Standard Integration

Step 1: Request Test Token and Tracking ID that will be provided by LIDA within 24 hours.

Step 2: Understand what Type of Cover you are going to be sending to the API:

Step 3: Check your required fields for each of the relevant calls based on Type of Cover required.

Step 4: Check that the field formats and maximum field character lengths are correct for each field.

Step 5: You are ready to start testing and sending test data through the API.

Please note; the response of the API call will let you know if the API call has been successful. Review the API documentation for what these error/success responses look like.

Example Response from API call

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{“quotes_url”:”″,”Message”:”2000 Success!”,”has_error”:”False”,”duplicate_lead”:”False”}

Advanced Integration

Step1: Complete the above Standard Integration steps.

Step 2: To display the quotes on the screen, please access the quotes_url from the response.

Example Response from API call

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{“quotes_url”:”″,”Message”:”2000 Success!”,”has_error”:”False”,”duplicate_lead”:”False”}

You should return the following URL to your user:

White Label

Complete all the Standard and Advanced integration steps. Then you will need to pass your “white_label” Value to the API. LIDA will provide this after your submission of the following:

  1. Company Label: Provide your brand name. We will then advise you to add white_label = your brand name in the API call.
  2. Company Logo: Format required, size and resolution. Logo.png (width: 300px or height: 68)
  3. Company Colours: The colours that represent your brand. It has to be a hex colour code format. For example, #DDDDDD.
Example Response from API call

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{“quotes_url”:””,”Message”:”2000 Success!”,”has_error”:”False”,”duplicate_lead”:”False”}


You will need to have our Standard integration set up as a bare minimum. However, we will let you know what other values you may need based on your requirements.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Can I switch plans?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a higher-tier package at any time. If you wish to downgrade to a lower-tier package, you’ll have to wait until your contract anniversary so as not to incur in switching fees.
  • Can I cancel my insurance software package at any time?

    Each package is subject to a 12-month contract. You may cancel the contract at any time. However, the package fees for the remaining 12 months must be paid out at cancellation. You may cancel at your contract anniversary with no outstanding package fees so long as notice is provided at least 30 days before your contract anniversary.

    To cancel your contract, simply send an email to Your contract automatically renews at the anniversary date, unless cancelled.

  • Do I need to my own IT specialist or department to implement the insurance broker software package?

    No, our developers are happy to work with you or your IT team to make setup and integration as seamless as possible.
  • How do I know which package is best suited to my business?

    Kindly contact our Business Development Manager, on 02 9929 7355, and he’ll assist in analysing your business and how best to align your requirements with the available insurance software packages.
  • Do I need life insurance knowledge and experience to benefit from this life insurance tech platform?

    No, you do not need knowledge of or experience in Life Insurance to add a Life Insurance vertical to your business. Our team of insurance specialists takes care of everything. We support users in comparing different benefits and features of various life insurance products from leading companies. We provide continued support from the application process, through to claims.
  • How do I track the performance of the insurance broker software?

    Monthly reports are sent to you with feedback on leads and commissions. A dedicated account manager is also available to help you make the most of your Life Insurance Vertical.
  • What happens if a client cancels their policies?

    If a client cancels their cover within a pre-determined initial minimum period (usually 2 years), we are liable for commission clawbacks. Any commission splits paid to you in respect to such policies will be netted against commissions paid to you in the month in which they are cancelled. Meaning, if a client cancels, your commission for that month will be less the clawback of the original commission paid for the cancelled policy.

    Don’t worry; we have a specialist retentions team focused on limiting cancellations.

  • Which insurance companies do you compare quotes from?

    We compare policies and quotes from up to 9 leading Life Insurance companies in Australia.
  • Is there a minimum or a maximum number of policies that need to be taken up per month or annum?

    There is no minimum number of policies that we require from you. However, it is of course in everyone’s best interests to make the most of whatever plan you choose.

    You will have access to a dedicated account manager who will help you maximise the benefits of the online insurance quoting software so that you and your clients continue to receive value for money.

    If you expect high leads volumes to pass through the insurance vertical, we suggest opting for either the White Label or Enterprise options because these plans are more robust and can be adapted to your company brand.

If you have any further questions or would like to get started, please contact our Business Development Manager, on 02 9929 7355 or send an email to

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