Exclusive Life Insurance API for Online Quote Comparisons, Fulfilment and Commercialisation

The Life Insurance Direct API enables websites and application owners to provide their users and customers with a seamless life insurance comparison and application process. Users can easily compare quotes and features online and choose a life insurance policy they want. Use our life insurance API to monetise and enhance your website or App with real-time life insurance comparisons and quotes.

Benefits for your users

  • Improve consumers understanding of life insurance products
  • Keep up with customers changing needs
  • Deliver more value to your website users
  • Provide your customers with an amazing online experience
  • Convenient application process

Benefits for your business

  • Turn your traffic into a revenue stream
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Improve your traffic and customer journey

API’s are key to meeting the challenges facing the life insurance industry. Our API opens the market, so your customers can explore different life insurance verticals and get results fast. We recognise the mounting customer expectations and how technology can enable us to meet these more comprehensive and demanding requests.

If you have an App or a Comparison Website and want to easily enter the life insurance market in Australia, then the Life Insurance Direct API is for you.

The Life Insurance Direct API

With our state of the art technology and contact centre we do all the heavy lifting for you:

  • Online quotes from up to 10 leading life insurance companies in Australia
  • Compare prices and features on screen in less than 60 seconds
  • Powerful and secure application
  • Efficient data management and processing with monthly reporting
  • An account manager to help you succeed in growing your traffic and improving your user experience

Policy types and providers

The Life Insurance Direct API provides comparison quotes and features from some of Australia’s leading life insurance companies and includes the following policies/products:

  • Life Insurance,
  • Income Protection,
  • TPD insurance,
  • Trauma Insurance,
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

Currently, we compare data from 10 leading life insurers in Australia, including AIA, AMP, Asteron Life, BT, Clearview, MLC, OnePath, TAL and Zurich.

We are looking to grow the number of insurers in our API

If you are an insurance company and provide:

  1. Excellent value protection products to customers, both in price and features
  2. Strong customer service
  3. A claims philosophy to ensure customers rightfully due a claim are processed fairly and in a timely fashion.

Please reach out to our team if you want to include your data in our API.

Launch and commercialise your insurance vertical in 24 hours*

By using the Life Insurance Direct API, you will be able to provide customers with instant price on-screen results, allowing them to compare premiums and features side-by-side and conveniently apply for cover over the phone.

4 Integration options for your application / website / business

Price on screen

We dev it for you

Customised API response


New Lead.

You send us your users data, and we take it from there.


Under the

Life Insurance Direct brand.

Most Requested


We make the service look and feel identical to your corporate brand.


For high volume requests. Use our data to enrich your customer reports, communities or applications.

If your situation does not fit any of the above solutions, please contact us, and we will discuss your requirements on a need-to-need basis.

How to get started with our life Insurance API

To succeed in the life insurance business, you need to provide innovation through technology.

number-1Contact us and provide us with your APP name, URL and a brief description of your products and/or services and your contact details.

number-2We will be in contact within 24 hours and send you a test token and tracking credentials.

number-3Check that your disclaimers are correct. Ensure your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy has all the relevant information regarding how you will refer your users’ personal details to Life Insurance Direct and that your company may receive a financial benefit should a user proceed with an application. For example: “By requesting a quote and clicking the ‘Compare’ button, you accept out Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Your details will be sent to the team at Life Insurance Direct Australia Pty Ltd A.B.N 98 121 266 957 AFSL 473135, and they will provide you with additional information about life insurance and complete your transaction.

number-4After successful implementation of the API/White label and our review of your site/application, including your privacy policy, we will send you a copy of our API/White Label agreement to countersign.

number-5Lastly, we will provide you with your LIVE token and tracking credentials.

What happens when a client gets a quote on my website?

Once they receive their online quote, their information is sent right into our CRM. We will call them to help them understand and apply for a policy. We will continue to assist the client through the entire underwriting process and issuing of the policy.

Ready to launch your life insurance vertical?

Contact our DEV/API team.

Alternatively, you can contact them directly on 1300 135 205.

4 Ways to Integrate our Life Insurance API Comparison

  1. Request access to the API by contacting us. We will send you the test token and tracking ID immediately.
  2. Review the API documentation.

We have one API with 4 integration options. However, you would just push additional values and or complete additional steps as detailed below.

number-1Standard Integration

Step 1: Request Test Token and Tracking ID that will be provided by LIDA within 24 hours.

Step 2: Understand what Type of Cover you are going to be sending to the API:

  • Life Insurance, TPD Insurance, Trauma Insurance, Income Protection: Individually or in a combined call.
  • Accidental Death Cover, Accident Insurance (Accident only Income Protection): Individually or in a combined call.

Step 3: Check your required fields for each of the relevant calls based on Type of Cover required.

Step 4: Check that the field formats and maximum field character lengths are correct for each field.

Step 5: You are ready to start testing and sending test data through the API.

Please note; the response of the API call will let you know if the API call has been successful. Review the API documentation for what these error/success responses look like.

Example Response from API call:

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{"quotes_url":"https://app.lifeinsurancedirect.com.au/quotes/edit/f3dea5d4-b5c8-4c62-be12-d2dc5a0d544f?tracking_id=111","Message":"2000 Success!","has_error":"False","duplicate_lead":"False"}

number-2Advanced Integration

Step 1: Complete the above Standard Integration steps.

Step 2: To display the quotes on the screen, please access the quotes_url from the response.

Example Response from API call:

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{"quotes_url":"https://app.lifeinsurancedirect.com.au/quotes/edit/f3dea5d4-b5c8-4c62-be12-d2dc5a0d544f?tracking_id=111","Message":"2000 Success!","has_error":"False","duplicate_lead":"False"}

You should return the following URL to your user:

number-3White Label

Complete all the Standard and Advanced integration steps. Then you will need to pass your “white_label” Value to the API. This will be provided by LIDA after your submission of the following:

  1. Company Label: Provide your brand name. We will then advise you to add white_label = your brand name in the API call.
  2. Company Logo: Format required, size and resolution → Logo.png (width: 300px or height: 68)
  3. Company Colours: The colours that represent your brand. It has to be hex colour code format. For example → #DDDDDD.

Example Response from API call:

Status: 200 – Success Response code:
{"quotes_url":"https://app.lifeinsurancedirect.com.au/quotes/edit/b8e32e1e-2e96-44f7-8e6c-91dfa5487183?tracking_id=111&white_label=brandName","Message":"2000 Success!","has_error":"False","duplicate_lead":"False"}


You will need to have our Standard integration set up as a bare minimum. However, we will let you know what other values you may need based on your requirements.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What type of API is it?

The Life Insurance Direct API is a Representational State Transfer (REST) API.

Who is this API / Affiliate Program for?

The API is for the insurance and financial services markets and comparison websites/applications that do not sell life insurance directly but want to commercialise their traffic and provide a richer customer experience instantly.

Why use our API?

Our price comparison technology provides seamless integration with your website and application. Different options for integration, with various levels of customisation, are available.

How can a user get a quote without filling in their personal details?

You can setup the API to show users a quote on screen without sending a lead, you just need to parse allow_anonymous parameter → Allow_anonymous = Yes

By doing this, the API will accept the request without contact details such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile.

This option is not available for the standard integration option.

What does it cost?

Our API is free to use.

How much money can I make?

Once your revenue generated is more than a $1,000 per month, we will split the commission with you 50/50 on the first year’s commission.

How often do you pay invoices?

14 days after month end.

Published: July 4, 2018

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