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Exclusive Life Insurance Direct Benefits

  • Free Online Comparison
    Receive great value life insurance when comparing premiums and policy features from select insurance brands.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee*
    If we can’t beat your quote with a better price or terms, we will pay you $250*
  • No Hidden Fees
    We receive a commission from the insurer, you pay us nothing.
  • Solutions for Your Unique Requirements
    We’ll help you find the right life insurance to meet your requirements.
  • Easy to Compare and Apply
    Compare quotes online in a few easy steps and apply over the phone. Our experienced specialists are here to help.
  • Claims Support Service
    Our team is here to help support you during the processing of your claim so you can focus on your health and family

Our Mission

To be the leader in informing, protecting, and providing for Australian families

A quick guide to your insurance options

  • Life Insurance
    Pays a lump sum benefit to your beneficiary(s) upon your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. Support your family’s current lifestyle and alleviate the burden of medical expenses, funeral costs, loans and mortgage payments.
  • Income Protection
    Provides a monthly benefit when you suffer a sickness or accident and are unable to work for longer than the waiting period. It can help you cope with ongoing expenses so you can focus on recovery.
  • TPD Insurance
    Receive a lump sum benefit when totally and permanently disabled due to a sickness or accident. The benefit can help provide financial support and pay for any home modification you might need to support your new lifestyle.
  • Trauma Insurance
    Pays a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a critical illness as defined in the insurer’s PDS. Pay your medical bills, reduce your mortgage and support your family financially while you recover.

We make it easy for you to compare policies online with our powerful comparison engine.

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  • TAL
  • AIA
  • MLC
  • OnePath
  • Zurich
  • ClearView
  • NEOS
  • Metlife
  • Encompass

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Is Life Insurance Direct a comparison service?

    Life Insurance Direct is a convenient and free online service offering various insurance options to meet your requirements and budget. Our team of knowledgeable insurance specialists is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your policy, making changes, or assistance with a claim. We are here to help you every step of the way.
  • How Does Life Insurance Direct Work?

    Life Insurance Direct ensures that our customers can easily compare and apply for policies from leading insurance brands. The best part is that we offer our services at no cost to you, as the insurers compensate us. Our team of experienced insurance specialists is always available to help you with any enquiries and guide you through the purchase process. We also offer annual policy reviews and can assist you with making updates or claims assistance.
  • What is life insurance?

    Life insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider. You pay a premium, and in return, your estate or nominated beneficiaries receive a benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness or pass away. The goal of this coverage is to offer financial security to your loved ones in the event of a tragedy.
  • What are the different types of life insurance?

    At Life Insurance Direct, we value that everyone’s requirements differ. For this reason, we offer five life insurance options for you to consider, including Life Insurance, Income Protection, TPD Cover, Trauma Insurance, and key person protection.
  • Which is the best life insurance in Australia?

    Generally, the best life insurance policy for you is one that meets your personal requirements. There is no one best insurer, each policy has different features, benefits and exclusions. It is about finding a policy that meets your requirements and levels of cover. You may want to ask yourself how much money your family will need to maintain their current lifestyle, which benefits you’re interested in and what your budget might be.
  • How do I compare life insurance quotes?

    Typically, our insurance comparison service is the best way to find affordable life insurance quotes online. You can request quotes from up to eight leading life insurance companies, allowing you to compare benefits, features, and prices side-by-side. To get started, fill out the quote form at the top of the page or contact us at 1300 135 205, and one of our specialists will contact you shortly.
  • What does life insurance cost?

    Life insurance prices are usually influenced by factors such as your age, gender, lifestyle, policy type, and the features and benefits you choose. For instance, if you’re a non-smoking female, the premiums can begin from as low as $21 per month for coverage of $500,000 and for a non-smoking male from as low as $23 per month on a stepped premium Hence, it’s advisable to examine all your options before deciding to ensure you receive the best possible coverage for yourself and your loved ones.